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The way Beck's face had twisted, even if it was only for a moment, scared her. It wasn't the first time she had seen him do it, like he was pushing part of himself deep down and not letting her see. She looked away, hiding a somber expression as she stared at row after row of colorful book spines. "I love you. All of you. Even the parts of you you won't let me see." Elisa told him, though her voice was so low it'd be difficult to hear.

"You are a hoarder. Well you would be if your parents let you..."

"Psh. I bet you have like a million empty canvasses and a million more unopened paint tubes." Elisa retaliated with a wicked grin. Maybe it was something unique to her, but blank pages that were waiting to be filled were beautiful. She loved how perfectly crisp and clean it looked, but most of all she loved all of the possibility that came with it. It was the possibility of what she could write that excited her, probably more so than the actual writing; because there was nothing more inspirational than a black page.

"We should make an album. Not just me and you but...everything that's important to us."

"I have a Polaroid camera packed. We could take them on this trip? I use to take pictures all the time of my friends," Her words were very rushed and excited, though they trailed off at the end as she remembered the pictures she use to have hanging on her wall of Malachai and everyone else in her old crew. People she use to be so close with, people she had been forced to run away from...and now, at least one of them, was a monster. She chewed on her lip as she thought about it, anxious as visions of Malachai popped in her head.

"You have 10 seconds to pick up something you want."

His words broke her train of thought and a smile broke out on her face and she stuck her tongue out at him. Still, she quickly grabbed one of the journals off the shelf; a leather bound one with some floral design etched into it. "The others are probably done anyway, right? We should go find them."

"I guess he is a good fuck but...awfully clingy don't you think?"

Rebecca pondered Millie's words briefly. Truthfully, Leon was incredibly clingy and more often than not it made her a little uncomfortable...but mostly because it stirred something inside of her that felt almost nice and that was a terrifying thought. "Definitely. But it's a nice change from most boys who treat you like a blow up doll. It's kind of nice to be treated like an actual person." She said with a shrug.

"Awh ain't you the little heartbreaker."

Bex couldn't help but laugh when that look of realization crossed Millie's face. She had seen it so many times before with girls who were new friends. "I like girls, but that doesn't mean I'm going to cream my panties cuz you look at me a little flirty. Unless that's what you want, but it'll take a little more effort than that." She said with a wink, obviously teasing.

"Besides, you're cute but not my type. I'm more of a Ruby Rose than a Dita Von Teese kinda girl. Unless it's Blake Lively, oh my God, I would marry her in a second." She gossiped, just like a straight girl would about her favorite celebrity men.

"I'm not too sure. I think shes just a little jealous I've been on him and that we are close. He and I weren't anything serious though you know?...To be honest she didn't treat me with a lot of respect when we first me and it made a lot of tension between us. I recall being called a fat sausage or something?"

"The good news is, I'm entirely convinced she doesn't completely hate you and that means it's a totally reversible situation. Elisa can be down right evil if she hates you enough, but I'd say you're just disliked. Not a bad place to be if you ask me." Rebecca told her with an optimistic lilt in her voice, though something slightly insidious laid underneath. Elisa wasn't a bad person, but she hadn't always been a good one and Bex had seen her ruin people. At the time, Elisa had just been playing her mother's game, but that wasn't an excuse for the way she had treated more than a few.

"Oh yeah and she doesn't like the fact I used morphine to numb Beck and his..."

Rebecca's eyes narrowed in on Millie. Morphine to numb him? Numb his what? She had suspected something was going on, she just couldn't figure out what, though she was leaning towards them being a bunch of drug dealers. That was the only thing she could logically come up with. "I'd be pretty pissed if you drugged my boyfriend, too." She stated flatly, unsure of how to react to the situation or if she should ask any questions. Her eyes remained on Millie, questioning and slightly concerned.

Bex didn't mind running with a bunch of rough people, she had before, but what she didn't like was how much she didn't know. "I'm not exactly on the straight and narrow path to Heaven or anything, but I'm not gonna die rolling with you am I?" She asked, holding the bathing suit Leon had picked out, opening the curtain so she could go check out. She wasn't asking for details, she was sure they would come with time or that Elisa would eventually spill it, but she didn't want to be targeted in a drive by either.