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Snippet #2683752

located in Somewhere in the World, a part of The Masks of Death, one of the many universes on RPG.

Somewhere in the World



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As the blood began to flow from his wound, Valko glared at his old friend, his own blood mixing with the blood of the dagger that Sinclair had created. Placing a hand to the wound in his side he creates a layer of ice, patching it for now. It wouldn't last, but it would do for a time, until he could get back to Doctor.

"Are you actually feeding that thing?" Valko asks, taking a step back, putting a little distance between the two of them so that if Sinclair wanted to use his blood ability he would have to expand a bit more energy to do so. "What could be the point of that? I know you've gone rogue, Sinclair, but siding with demons? That makes no sense!"

"More sense than you know, Val." Sinclair says with a smirk, blood on his hands from his dagger, as he too takes a step back, nodding over Valko's shoulder. "You're Reapers seem eager to meet their death, maybe you ought to worry more about them than this demon."

At the mention of his team, Valko straightens up and turns just in time to see the demon lunge across the crossroads and slam an arm into Skye, who had been rushing over to the two men. Had Valko remained calm he could have warned the armored Reaper, but as it was his words were too late, and when he tries to rush over to his comrade a spike of blood rises up to block his way.

"You're fight is with me tonight, Frost Wolf. I'll have it no other way until my plan comes to pass, and after that success I shall leave you and your children to lick your wounds." Sinclair wears a knowing grin on his face when Valko turns to look at him. "If you think this demon brute is the only piece of the puzzle then Val, old friend, you are slipping." He pauses for a moment to glance over at the demon as it handles Skye. "Did you know there are ways to strength the spiritual energy of a soul before it becomes a Reaper? I suppose not. Death never liked to employ such methods, they were forbidden millennia ago."

"Strength a soul? What are you talking about Sinclair? What are your plans for the demon?" Looking around, most of the people gathered have scattered, and the crossroads are deserted for the moment. Sirens still wail in the distance, and soon this place will be full of activity once more. The window is closing to finish this quickly. Raising his free hand up, Valko summons his mask, and as he slips it into place, shadows flow from behind the mask, cloaking him in his black robes. When he places both arms down, hands facing palm out, his daggers are summoned to him and steam rises off of them in the warm night air.


Regan had been minding his own business, and by that I mean he was stalking his next victim. After the screw up earlier this evening with the cop's daughter, at least he thought that's who had interrupted him, the murderer had tracked down the woman he'd been trying to rob. She'd called the cops, but after that he'd taken care of her. The flesh of her neck had opened so easy for the razor in his pocket.

After that Regan had taken to the streets, washed his hands in the water of a gutter, then made his way to a more public place. He'd been about to cross the street when he'd bumped into...something. He looked, but there was nothing there, just empty space. Reaching out he had felt nothing, and with a shrug continued on, walking right past the demon, whom he had just watch devour two people.

For some reason, as soon as the guy with the black hair had showed up, appearing out of nowhere, followed by the silver haired guy, Regan had been able to see everything. It was like a light had come on, and now he was hiding behind a taxi cab, looking across the trunk at a demon and God knew what else. And now those two men were armed! And one was wearing a mask?