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located in Somewhere in the World, a part of The Masks of Death, one of the many universes on RPG.

Somewhere in the World



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Before Sinclair can give Zero any orders, Valko strikes out at him. Most would think that the Reaper was doing so in a fit of rage by the way he moved, but Sinclair knew better. The cold daggers moved with precision, one of the fangs being used as a distraction as the other went in to deal damage. Over the decades, Valko had not changed his fighting style, and although in the past Sinclair, using on his sword, had taken some time to figure it out, now he knew exactly how his foe would move. With ease the rogue steps back, to the side, dodging one blade then the next. With a flick of his wrist he summons his black sword and uses it more as a shield.

"Do you see the girl over there, Zero?" Sinclair says between the sounds of metal clashing against metal. "I want you to go and see if you can keep her from killing that man, at least for a few more moments."

"So he's a part of your plan?" Valko asks, and as his dagger slides down the length of Sinclair's sword, he causes side to form, coating the blade and the man's right hand. "I should have known, there are no coincidences in death."

"Death, the old fool, used to say that all the time." Sinclair replies as he moves in close and shatters the ice on his hand and blade by slamming his fist into Valko's face, knocking him back a bit. "A human soul can be strengthened, made stronger, if it can survive great suffering. All I have to do is make sure that demon does a bit of damage to that man, that murderer, and his sins will make his soul stronger, darker. At the point of his death, he can be made into a Reaper."

Normally Reapers are not made, exactly, but rather they are chosen. Death decides which souls are strong enough, and upon their death he allows them to linger on for a time so that his Reapers can find them and recruit them. Unlocking their abilities as it happens. Sinclair, however, is going to torture a human soul, as he has done before, and force it to become strong enough so that he can then rip it out of the body and force it into becoming a Reaper. This taints the soul, making it stronger, but darker.


The demon lets out a low growl, which sounds a bit like a laugh, as the blade the armored man wields tries to bite into his thick hide. Each slash leaves a mark, and a little of the demons blood falls to the earth, sizzling like drops of water in a hot pan. The blood burns up, leaving black marks on the ground. When the man turns to deliver another blow, the demon lowers his head and slams his horns into the mans side, attempting to toss him across the street like a bull might with a matador.


Doctor watches as Harper frees herself and takes off running. They do not know what the significance of the man Harper tackles is, but Doctor hurries to catch up just in case. Being close, they can feel the soul of the man. It is dark, and stronger than normal. Frowning behind their mask, Doctor walks over calmly and extends their hand, collecting spiritual energy in the form of a syringe. They do the same with their other hand, and once the second syringe forms, one is plunged into the neck of both Harper and the man. The spiritual chemicals inside will calm them both down and last just a short time, enough for Doctor to pry Harper from the man at least.

"You crazy bitch!" Regan says, weakly, as he struggles, the affects of the drugs kicking in quickly. He manages to pull away as a strange looking person in a bird mask pull the girl he killed just hours earlier off of him. "You can't be here! You're dead, I watched the light leave your eyes!"