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located in universe, a part of I don't belong here in heaven, one of the many universes on RPG.




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"Now you've got him started." Tim bit his lip and folded his hands like he was praying for forgiveness - looking down at the little ferret with a heartbroken expression. The fact that the long black pile of fur reminded him a bit of Nightmare - but bigger - made the corners of his lips twitch trying not to laugh, as he shook his shoulders. "Sorry Fritz" he mumbled. The dark and slightly hoarse voice was followed by one of his adorable smiles- the dimples almost taking over his cheeks. Timothy had always treated animals like "small humans" and he did even show them more courtesy and respect than he did towards some people. Not that it was very hard considering how some humans behaved, sneaking a glance to the table in the back where Drachen and Ramsey where sitting. Looking back at Chase, he fired off a mischievous smirk- seeing how his friend rubbed the ferret's belly. The sight gave him an idea...

"Picture this... becoming an fulltime animagus looking exactly like the pet of some hot person. Then getting belly rubbed all day long.." Tim smirked, turning his dark dreamy eyes to the window. Gazing out thinking about what a lovely life that would be.. no more school or homework.. Almost drifting off in his own little daydream..

However, his lovely thoughts where disrupted by the sound of good morning greetings and the arrival of students. Tim had always been a bit "distant and sluggish" once he started to think. So he had to shook his head before grasping the situation, seeing Vince and "that flowergirl" joining them at the table. Timothy called her flowergirl, since she always had flowers in her hair.. But he did not really know her at all, reason being she avoided him like he was the black plague or something. Instead he turned his attention to Vincent, now sitting next to him.

"Oy, morning" steady words accompanied by his custom smile. He reached for Vince's hat, giving it a soft push, making it positioned a bit crooked. "Aaand it's a masterpiece! Now you're dressed to grill some bad laveau students". The fact that Vincent was Tim's first friend at Remington, and knowing how much effort it took for him to accomplish that - probably made Vince the person that Tim had most respect for, plus being forever grateful. Despite this- he could not resist to be a tease from time to time. And how could he have let that hat be! Come on! I mean, it was just like putting candy in front of a kid.

Another voice broke Tims little "bubble". He raised his head, staring up at the figure of one kind and fair little dove. Ophelia. Her smile felt so warm, but made his own die into a dead serious expression. He swallowed hard. Even if Fee always had been nice to him and actually treated him like he was...normal? - he just froze every time he saw her.

Maybe he was part scared of probably the kindest person in the school? Something that was very comical, concidering how "harmless" Fee was. Still, he just could not help but to turn shy whenever she appeared. Therefore, quickly -when meeting her gaze, he turned his (now) pale face away. Almost "hiding" behind Vincent as he stared down at the dark veining's on the wooden desk. Looking quite pathetic playing invisable, with his messy locks falling over to hide his eyes.

Meanwhile, professor Kang had entered the classroom. "Good morning, everyone. I trust you all had a good weekend." her calm voice sounded, almost fading out in all the curtains, fabrics and textiles that decorated the room. Making the divination classroom feel like one cozy and dreamlike fabric store - only the crystal balls giving it away. Some students answered her question. A few mumbled and some just shook there shoulders. Tim belonged to that part who just did not bother to answer. Thinking that the weekend had passed by way too fast and another week of studies and- like that wasn't enouh- worrying about the ball that was ahead of him.

Timothy tilted his head further down, before curving his lower lip to the side to "blow" the hair away from his face. The blonde hair was still wet after the shower, which had created wet darker marks on the shoulders of his knitted grey cardigan. In the background, he listened to Chase talking about neck ties and teasing Dom - nothing out of the ordinary. He yawned and spun his wrist, making a clicking sound as he did some mornings stretching. When seeing a bit better and finally straightened out his tall siluett (sitting upright again), he noticed Collin in the back - firing off a cheerful smile towards him an Yona. Tim was always quick to react whenever Collin was cheerful. He spun around on the chair, raising on arm - giving Collin a "thumbs up" (like he approved Col's smile) while winking with one eye. He also noticed some other students dropping in. Kieran taking a seat with their big "group" in the middle, not that he knew her very well. He could also see that Mac, his (gorgeous as always) flirting victim, was already present in the room- sitting next to "that silent vampire dude" in the back. Interesting.

Tim turned around, now facing professor Kang as he waited for the class to start. The books and all the tools where already on the desk, as he was eager to just "get this over with". Not that Timothy had anything against divination - the opposite! He enjoyed the "look in to the future" thing and he always tried his best in classes. Most of the time by achieveing "Uuhhmmm uuhmmmm" noises and make things up (half of the time doesn't even understanding what it is he's saying since his mouth just starts to talk by itself). The only problem was that Tim had forgotten to eat breakfast, and knowing they had lunch after this made his stomache growl.