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Snippet #2685999

located in Wrath (Ira) - Fifth Circle, a part of The Multiverse, one of the many universes on RPG.

Wrath (Ira) - Fifth Circle

Howls of pain and fury resound across the murky waters of the Fifth Circle. Those damned for the sin of Wrath inhabit this gloomy pit of hell.


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Character Portrait: Deminaught/Demiarchal Character Portrait: Deminaught Character Portrait: Atreviel
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"The sounds of pain! Men, we're doing better than last time! Keep up the work!"

The drills were reaching extremely deep depths within the spire. After the drills reached so deep, they would begin to back out, leaving a tunnel that seemed bottomless. As the drills exited the tunnel, large lines were being run through the portal and over to the tunnel. On these lines, spots of hardened metal could be seen on the end. Generally these hoses were used for Cerenium, but this time they would be used for Silver.

When the hoses were hanging over the edge of the tunnel, soldiers began placing straps over the hoses to hold them to the ground. When the last clamp was on the hose, a soldier would shout and a gentle shake could be felt in the ground as something began to pump through the hose. The soldier monitoring the hoses would walk over to the pit and look, watching as liquid silver began to spew from the hose, sending steam into the air as the smoldering hot liquid metal fell to the depths of this tunnel, pushing out sixty gallons every ten minutes.

Silver would covered the entire tunnel as far as one could see down. The remainder of the silver would solidify as it fell to the depths of the tunnel, deep within the creature that was the Fifth Circle. While the pumps were pushing out the liquid silver, and the soldiers were making sure the hoses kept flowing, the officers were preparing another preemptive strike. Their full intention was to weaken this circle enough to successfully build their fortitude needed to push into the further reaches of Hell.

"Prepare for the first air strike. Aim for anything about the water", an officer spoke as turned to the other officers, "Colonel, are you sure this will work?"

"Am I sure? Just the presence of silver sent the first evil away howling in pain. As long as we can successfully carry out this operation, the evil here won't stand a chance.", the Deminaght spoke as he tuned in for a response from his main pilot, "Sir, we're ready to strike. Permission to engaged in Operation: Silver Carpet."

The officer quickly responded, "Permission granted. I want to see silver as far as I can see!"

"Yes, sir!" The fighter jet pilot responded before relaying the message.

With the orders given, small clouds of smoke could be seen coming from the fighter jets as silver missiles dropped and began to cover the area in a carpet bombing style. The missiles would fall for so many yards before they rocketed forward, aiming for specific locations. Should the missiles go unbothered, they would explode and send pierce the solid ground with golf ball sized orbs of silver while the original missile shell fell into the waters, purifying the immediate waters around them, but nothing big enough to even consider bothering the evil powers over the water; simply put, it was like mosquitoes biting a bears rump.

While the Demiarch was spreading silver everywhere, they were constantly at work preparing the next step. Their stone figures would come in handy eventually, but right now they were more or less worrying about evening up the odds against their unseen enemy. The Demiarch knew they were in Hell, but they were an intelligent and powerful race, and they had yet to find an enemy they couldn't combat, especially since they didn't consume resources themselves and used the resources for technology and equipment, allowing them to be more productive and intelligent than most.

"Come now, master of this Hell... We will prove that this realm belongs to man and not the gods." the officer overseeing everything spoke to himself as he looked from the top of the spire and into the openess of Ira.