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located in Earth, a part of My Boyfriend the Pop Star, one of the many universes on RPG.




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The morning routine at the Benson's house was quite the mess - like usual. Leia was running up and down the stairs, making this loud squeaky and bumpy noises "dum dum dum dum dum" with her fast steps. Probably having a hard time deciding on what to wear, ending up running between her room and the laundry. Rex was scratching on the front door, while barking like crazy at the neighbors cat who sat just outside the window teasing the poor dog. And Logan was busy yelling at his two younger siblings, trying to make them hurry up. "Get your sorry asses down here NOW, or you will have to RUN all the way to school" the older brother sounded, with a slightly tiresome voice and Lucas could almost imagine his brother rolling his eyes, just by hearing the tone in his words.

Today was just like any other day for the three. Parents out of town (work related) and the house was filled with speed, noises and action. Lucas tried to hold back a yawn, but failed, as he stepped in to their small, chaotic kitchen, getting greeted by the sight of Logan making toast bread and coffee. He sat down on "his" chair with a thud and a dejected sight, opening a can of energy drink and taking the first sip of today. His hair was messy and still wet after the morning shower, and his clothes looked "depressed" as always. Black skinny torn jeans, a grey "bleached" t shirt and a black zip hood. And the rest of him was just looking like he'd woken up just seconds ago. Dark bags under his hazelnut brown eyes and plump lips still red after brushing his teeth.

"Would it hurt trying to be cheerful for a change? And dressing in something else than this Halloween costume?... Plus, did you really finish that book review homework last night?" Logan went on like an overprotective mom, while taking a seat and correcting his glasses. The toast where ready and clock where ticking - giving them approximately 15 minutes before they had to get in the car. Lucas shook his shoulders. "Tchh.. Actually i did.." his words where dry and grumpy, running his fingers through his hair before taking another sip of the "monster" energy drink. "Oh. Is that so? And why do i see paint on your fingers? Or like the detectives likes to call it: catching someone red handed"

Lucas flinched a few times, trying to play innocent. But glancing down he realized how his brother where right, he held his hands out and instantly tried to scratch the paint off his fingertips and nails. Looks like his new oil based colors where stubborn, not even disappearing after his morning shower. Well well, it was not like he was vain about his appearance. "I did finish my homework, and had time over for my painting!" he snapped through his teeth, refusing to look at his annoying brother. More like, he had stayed up all night - getting a maximum of 3 hours sleep. Being the reason he did not eat any breakfast. The energy drink had a stronger effect on an empty stomach - and Lucas did not want to fall asleep during class again since the principle where tired off dealing with Lucas surprise "naps".

After driving Leia to middle school, Lucas arrived at school - watching the silver audi disappear as Logan continued to his work at the local pharmacy. It was not like he was greeted by a bunch of friends - more like dragging his footsteps to class with this strong aura screaming "outsider". Being quite invisible to the other students as they kissed each others cheeks, babbling about the weekend and complaining about the book review homework, he sat down in "his" seat - in the back off the classroom, all alone.

The chattering went on. Apparently, they where expecting a new classmate today. Despite the teachers and whom ever it was, trying to keep "something" a secret - the ideas where taking form. Like some kind of guessing game who the new student was. A model, an actor, or maybe a famous football player? Teens be teens, and gossip where prone to grow like weed. The moment the door opened, it was like a bomb went off in the classroom. Clearly, the identity of the new boy was beyond everyone's expectations.

Lucas was not so fascinated tho, he just sat down and kept to himself - even when Adrian took the seat beside him. Being an artist, Lu did have the gift of a photographic memory - and he did have a vague memory of a -at the time- short and brown-haired happy boy, who suddenly disappeared.. That was years ago tho.. Wasn't he named Adrian? But it was not like Lucas had any clue/memory about him being famous.. But then, Lucas was not "up to date" on celebrities. His little sister, Leia, would normally tease him about how he was "living under a rock".

The class went by and the lunch was next up. The cafeteria was crowded as usual, but whenever Lucas passed by, the conversations tend to get quieter and students avoided looking at his gloomy figure. That did not stop Lucas tho, he just went on with his daily life. Standing in line, waiting to buy (surprise surprise) an energy drink from the cafeteria. In the corner of his tired eyes, he could see the new "celeb" boy getting attacked by Emily, the queen bee (and head cheerleader). For a brief moment, Lucas almost felt pity for the guy. Emmy was widely known for getting her way, and if she decided on a boy - he did not have any choice in the matter.

The can was freezing cold in his hand, as he turned around and started walking towards the back of the cafeteria. "Because Lucas is my boyfriend, and we were just about to eat lunch together." a voice reached his ears. In that moment, it was like the time had stopped. Lucas froze in his movement, turning his head slowly towards Adrian and Emily while holding his breath- lips slightly open out of surprise and his face paler than before. Normally, he was very fast thinking, and quite smart. But right now - he just could not grasp the situation. Lucas was Adrians boyfriend. Lucas? That was HIS name. Looking around, he could not see any other Lucas'es in sight.

"What? Him? There's no way," Emily exclaimed with a loud voice. The gossips had already started, students staring at Lucas like he was even a bigger freak than normal. His grip around the freezing can was convulsive and his fingers had almost gone numb from the cold. But looking at Adrian and meeting the gaze of his desperate eyes, made Lucas realize the situation. He cleared his throat and took a deep breath. "Sorry girls, but he's actually telling the truth".

Lucas did not believe his own words, why had he said that? And why did his legs steer towards Adrian - taking a seat opposite him - forcing Emmy to stand up. The situation was just.. unreal. And why'd Adrian chose Lucas out of all people? That was probably the worst choice one could possibly make.. Opening the energy drink with a "pchhht" he noticed how Emily where still standing up beside them with her eyes wide open. "Even if you are bisexual... you must be joking..him?? seriously??!!" she cried out, her voice suddenly changing from seductive to cold and offensive.

Lucas could not help but to fire off one of his "crooked smiles" meeting her furious eyes with his dead look, one raised eyebrow and dark tired eyes - if looks could kill. "My my, that was quite offensive. I do have feelings, for your knowledge. And not to brag or anything.. but im probably twice as pretty as you are under all that make up, and my boobs are actually real.." Lucas said calmly and bit his lip in a playful but innocent manner. Sure, he was the outsider and a freak - but he still knew how to talk. And being very perceptive made him quite good at "reading/seeing through people"... Knowing exactly what secrets to spill to hurt them the most.

Emily turned silent, and simply turned around and walked away. Lucas sighted and scratched his neck, correcting the hood a bit. The atmosphere in the cafeteria was slowly returning to "normal". Students talking and the sound of chairs moving and some ancient power ballad playing on the radio by the checkout. Finally Lucas turned his attention towards this new guy... Letting his dark and mysterious eyes travel from top to bottom trying to "read" Adrian...Nope, nothing.. When done, he simply just stared in to his eyes with his custom gloomy look - not being shy or treating him different than others. Lucas had (for a change) done nothing wrong. It was Adrian who had some explanation to do...

"Seriously? Why me?..." his voice where sharp like a knife and his dead eyes where narrow and questioning. "Was it so obvious that im single? He was actually a bit hurt. And he was not going to play "nice" and protective anymore. No, Lucas was quite upset. And just because Adrian or "Ian" was a celeb and looked like a Ken-doll or something, did not mean he was going to get special treatment...