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located in Earth, a part of My Boyfriend the Pop Star, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Lucas glanced towards the door, just making sure the cheerleader had found her way out and vanished from the scene. Sure, how she had just given up without a fight was quite..odd.. considering how stubborn and prideful these girls could be, plus having in mind that Adrian was a famous celebrity. Lucas fetched a sandwich from his pocket, removed the plastic packaging, and took a bite. Maybe it wasn't so weird, not if you where familiar with the school and knew about Lucas (which most students did) - reason for her early farewell was most likely caused by the "Lucas-effect". Now when he came to think off it, he had actually dealt with the cheerleading squad once before. Suffering their "wrath" after accidently beating up the captain of the football team, who just so happen to be the "secret" sex buddy of half of the girls in the squad. Lucas admitted to himself tho, how the girls had been quite difficult, and more terrifying than all the boys he had dealt with- put together. But even so, he managed to walk away as the winning hand. Taking another bite from his chicken sandwich, he noticed a flash of relief on the new boys face.

"Relax.. Worst thing she could do is probably suffocate you with her fake boobs... Or scratch your eyes out with those french manicure claws of hers.." words soft and teasing. He continued with his lunch while listening to Adrians explanations. When hearing the situation getting repeated in the victims own words, Lucas glanced towards the windows and "spaced out". Putting his hand on his forehead, still chilly from holding that cold can for too long. He felt bad for jumping to conclusions. Plus, he needed to calm down and restrain the chaos going on in his brain. "Seriously, forget about it.. I understand.. Well maybe i can't imagine that harassing a celebrity thing.. But i do understand why you did what you did - and i don't blame you. Okey? Sorry for getting all upset for no reason" Lucas was probably the most understanding person in this room, maybe even too understanding.

When hearing about how he'd attended this school before. Lu raised his eyebrows a bit. Not that he was surprise, it was more a confirmation of what he'd already guessed. "Yess i did remember you.. Art class... That sounds like me alright.. But im not the same little boy you can tell.. A lot can change in 3 years" Lucas mumbled and took a last bite of his lunch, rinsing it down with his drink.

The lunchbreak had really flown by too fast, and soon it was time for the gym class (sports) followed by math. Lucas suddenly noticed how the students around them where staring and whispering. They'd probably been doing it all along, just that he hadn't payed attention. "They don't really act like a couple"...."Maybe i can make Ian cheat with me" he could hear voices saying. Making Lucas roll his eyes and sight. "Don't they have better things to do" he said to himself. Oh gosh, poor Adrian. If Lucas where to walk out, they would probably be all over him again like hungry vultures. But then, this was not his problem. So Lucas stood up from his seat, stretched his body with a yawn and rested his eyes down on his "boyfriend". Gray beanie holding back some wild locks of brown hair, and red leggings peeking throung the ripped parts of his jeans. He did actually resembled that guy on the posters hanging in Leias room... But that could not be.

"Thank you for honoring me with your company.. it was a pleasure having lunch with you... DARLING" First part was discrete and humble, only meant for Adrians ears. But then raising his voice slightly when saying that last word "darling", just to make sure the closest students could hear it. Actually he did felt a bit more cheerful with having company for a change. It was kind of nice not having to sit all alone in silence the whole lunch.. So just because of this, he felt "grateful" - and had to think of a way to pay it back. Was there something he could do to help? Maybe there was...

He broke the distance between them. Took 2 steps towards Adrian and leaned forward. "Im not going to shoot you or anything.. like i would fit a gun in these tight pockets anyways.. so just sit still and..let me help you" a discrete but steady voice. It was not like he was going to kiss the guy.. like that would ever happen.. But at least he could do something to "hold up the act" and help Adrian get through this day.. Not sure if he would come back to this school at all after what happened today. Lucas wrapped one arm around the neck of Adrian, also being his "boyfriend" for the moment, leaning in towards his ear. Already now, he could hear people going wild in the background. Jealous gasps, dreamy sights and a humming sound of voices chattering. Lucas did not mind, it was not like he had an "image"or a good reputation to defend. His image could simply not get any worse. But suddenly being the center of attention, with all eyes on him (or mainly Adrian) was something new and made him slightly uncomfortable. He continued with his other arm, letting it rest against Adrians well toned shoulders.

"I trust you end this.. As soon as possible. When you are ready..." he whispered. It was not like his act was romantic or seductive in any way. Sure, when watching the scene from a distance it might look intimate. But it was really just quiet words traveling the short distance between Lucas lips to Adrians ear. He straightened up again and pulled down the hood, now exposing his face a bit more clear - making himself look less scary.

"We have gym now. But i will not participate, so you will eather see me sitting on the grandstand.. or we'll meet in math.." he explained then suddenly firing off his crooked smile again. "And btw.. good luck. If you do get in to any more trouble - feel free to join me. But im guessing someone famous like you don't wanna be friends with someone like me"..

The school bells sounded, a high pitched ringing followed by the sound of moving chairs and students heading off to their classrooms. For them, it was time for gym class. Lucas turned around and started to walk away, raising one hand over his head as this "see yaah-gesture".

Sorry if i "fast forward" to the gym class. Adrian can talk back ofc, and maybe even follow Lucas if he wants to xp Or just continue with the day and the classes :) Surprise me hah.