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located in Earth, a part of My Boyfriend the Pop Star, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Adrian smiled a bit when Lucas said he remembered him. Though, he was sure that they hardly talked to each other or even did much more than have that one class where they sat next to each other and attempted to finish their art projects in the time frame they were given. It was still something more than that starstruck look everyone else had given him, nobody else seemed to remember Adrian Walker past Ian Bishop. It was a little disappointing, he had hoped his old friends would at least be able to see past the fame and they could hang out once again. Emily, happened to be one of his old friends, but back then she was a lot more pleasant to be around and not as pushy. With the whole event with Emily, though, he realized that what he had hoped for was unlikely to happen and that going back to school would just have to be something he did for himself rather than for his friends.

He was used to the stares that everyone was giving them, it came with the fame that he had. They didn't bother him as much as they used to, not with all the experience he has with being on stage. He was more used to the spotlight now than being invisible. Which was what made this whole situation even more weird for him. People were still staring at him and the recognized him, but not as the kid that used to go to this school. That kid apparently was invisible to them. It was a strange feeling. The talk around them still got to him, but he was sort of numb to what they were saying. He's heard much worse before, and while he really didn't want to hear it at all, he knew he didn't have much of a choice.

Adrian had to cover his mouth fast and turn away from the crowds around them as best he could with that whole darling thing. He knew he shouldn't have laughed, but it was so random and didn't at all fit with what he had been saying before that. He was sure to the rest of the people it looked like he was trying to hide a blush, but in actuality he was really just trying to hold in laughter so it didn't seem like a complete joke. It did work in his favor, because when he finally calmed down there was a slight reddish look to his cheeks. Though, with Lucas' next action Adrian couldn't help but actually blush. He hadn't expected Lucas to get that close at all or even try to make this whole thing look real. It wasn't supposed to be at all.

He tried to focus on Lucas' words, but it was hard to do. People around them weren't exactly silent and there was the whole heat creeping into his face which he was panicking about. He wanted it to stop or go away but the more he thought about it the more it continued. By the time the whole thing was done, Adrian had caught none of what was just said and his face was pretty red. He tried his best to look away from Lucas and keep calm from whatever had just happened.

Still, as Lucas finally left there Adrian couldn't help but make this whole thing even more a joke. It might only be a joke that they would get but it was sort of fun to play along. "See you in gym, babe," Adrian said as loud as possible while still sounding sweet and sincere. Everyone in the cafeteria seemed to erupt with more noise, though they couldn't see Adrian once again holding in his own laughter.

With that, the famous pop star ate as much of his lunch as he could stomach and headed off to gym. Unfortunately, the way there wasn't great, with people catching up to him and asking him all sorts of questions. Most of which he had answered before, but this was just getting a little ridiculous. Still, he gave them a smile and replied very nicely and smoothly. By the time he'd gotten to the locker rooms to change into his gym clothes, he had a small crowd following him. He ducked into the locker rooms, only managing to get away from them all. It seemed they were from a different class at least the boys were. With that Adrian pulled on his gym clothes, a light tank top that showed off the large water color fox tattoo he had on his shoulder blade and a pair of shorts. He wanted to be comfortable rather than stylish after all.

After the class gathered and stretched the gym teacher told them they'd be running on the track for a mile then playing a game of soccer. That was simple enough. Though, while the gym teacher was talking, Adrian made a point to search out Lucas. Once he found the boy, he smiled and waved before going back to listen to the teacher. About halfway through gym though, Adrian walked up to the teacher and talked for a small bit, before grabbing a water bottle from a nearby vending machine and making his way to Lucas. "Hey, you looked like you could use some company," Adrian smiled as he sat down next to him.