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located in US, a part of Wild Flowers, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Character Portrait: Gigi Mulhulland Character Portrait: Bobby Gunner Character Portrait: Tristan Cruise Character Portrait: Quincy Laylani Tahirah Character Portrait: Vixen "Jade" Sutekh
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Stoned out of her mind, Vixen sat in the windowsill gazing out of the abandoned apartment complex. She daydreamed of her mother, something she did often, especially when she was blitzed. She imagined them escaping the luxurious lifestyle together and starting anew, living a happy well-off life in the Hamptons. But she knew that if her mother were still here, such a thing would never have occurred, her mom had been extremely infatuated with her douchebag abusive father. None of the less she missed her dearly and was the only part of her past she ever cared to think about.

Since escaping her high class world, Vixen has enjoyed the thrill of her new lifestyle. She loved the danger, loved to party and loved the free drugs. Everyday was an adventure and these people...these people just understood her even though she never mentioned her previous wealth and high class world. She figured that if they wanted to know her background, they could probably find her online under her real former name Jade Sutekh, something she mentioned once or twice before.

Her thoughts were disturbed by a sudden knock at the door. She glanced over and observed Gigi’s interactions with the stranger. She couldn’t help but smirk when Chully pulled out his knife after the idiot threatened Gigi. Things like this occurred often, sometimes they ended bloody and disturbingly, Vixen enjoyed it. She always pictured the corpse as her father, anyone she fought she could see those rich kids faces, the ones that beat her senselessly another lifetime ago. To a certain degree, Vixen was a killer. The suffering and pain of others, excluding her friends, pleased her. Although more often than not, she got them out of the shenanigans through persuasion, she had a way with words and idiots such as “Skully” would fall for it every time. But she enjoyed when things would take a dark turn, she loved to fight and she loved to see the idiots fail every single time.

When Chully shoved the man towards the door, Vixen jumped to her feet. She shook her head at Chully, and gave a small devilish smirk ”Chully, you’re way too kind.” She stuck out her palm and nodded at the knife in his hand, he gave it to her knowing all too well what she was about to do. Skully glanced at her with a vulnerable look in his eye, Vixen walked up to him, kicked him in the back of the knee, making him stumble to the ground. She grabbed his left hand and sliced a straight line on the inside, she did this to every individual that threatened someone in the group that was lucky enough to walk away alive. She forgot faces easily, so in order to keep them in her memory, this mark would symbolize a previous encounter, something that would scar and that she could easily identify in case of another threatening encounter occurred. The man let out a small agonized squeal, Vixen tossed the knife back at Chully and kicked the guy in the leg “Next time, it'll be your neck. Get out of here you fucker” she said in a low voice.

She glanced over at Gigi and gave a friendly smile ”What’s all this about Gigi?” she questioned nodding towards the bag.