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located in Earth, a part of My Boyfriend the Pop Star, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Lucas where sitting on the grandstand, his back resting against the iron bars behind him and his legs where crossed in front of him on the bench. In his knee, he had his sketchbook and some pencils. Sun where shining and in front of him the sport field was slowly getting more and more crowded with students. Also making the outside quite noisy - while waiting on the teacher. Lucas was never a part of the gym classes - as a result of this note Logan had written ---about Lucas having asthma, which was part true! Instead he normally killed the time with drawing. And at the moment, his hand where moving frenetically as he was sketching like a mad man. For some unknown reason, he just felt the inspiration flowing - and had to express it into art. For now: creating an rough stormy ocean scenery with an old man holding an lantern, seen from behind and in a crooked angle. But instead of using grey, blue and green colors- he was thinking about making the future painting red and black. Who said art had to be realistic? As long as it moved people in mysterious ways, and ventilated his own emotions.

Every now and then, he could not help but to sneak a peak over the top of his sketchbook - finding Adrian among the students (which btw wasn't so hard) he did obviously have a talent for "being in the spotlight". Suddenly he perceived a smile and a wave. This took him by surprise, but instead of responding - Lucas raised his sketchbook to hide his face behind it. A part of him had hoped for Adrian to just move on and ignore him like the rest of the school. Lucas was not the kind of person fit to hang out with a famous celeb - and least of all suitable for playing his fake boyfriend. The whole situation was just comical - and he could not help but to smile thinking back on the "darling / babe" thing in the cafeteria.

But he shook it off and continued with his drawing.

"Hey, you looked like you could use some company," a voice awoke him from his little bubble, causing him to quickly close his sketchbook with a "slam". He was not totally comfortable with showing his work to people, especially those he did not knew to well. It was not like he had bad self esteem over his talent or anything. Lucas knew he was good, and he was even selling his paintings online for quite a lot of money - trying to save up for a car. But he wasn't using his own name tho, instead his signature was Sac B. (luCAS - SAC. And then B for Benson ofc). His art was after all an image of his emotions, and showing it to people was kind of like walking around naked.

"Oh do i now?" he answered quite amused over the comment. Lucas was used to being alone, and that was the norm for both him and the other students. So i wouldn't say he had looked "out of place" sitting alone on the stands. It was quite the opposite - seeing Lucas with company made people look twice and rubbing their eyes. It was truly a rare sight.

"To be honest, im quite used to being alone. So it's totally fine by me if you just "break up" and start ignoring me" he said. And then something caught his attention, a beautiful fox in watercolor style - positioned on Adrians shoulder blade. When it came to art - Lucas was indeed very easily distracted. It really was an work of art - and not just a plain tattoo- making it impossible for Lucas to ignore. And the whole idea of "making your skin into a canvas" was quite thrilling, creating this small spark in Lu's eyes. Not that Lucas would ever have the guts to get a tattoo - he would never be able to decide on a motive! Finally collecting the self control to "let go" of the tattoo with his eyes, he turned his attention to the sport field where the students where playing football. The teacher where blowing in his whistle every now and then, and boys showing off (almost tackle each other like crazy) to impress on the girls...

"So.. have you thought about how you are going to handle this situation? I doubt anyone is forcing you to attend school.." his voice where quite matching to his tired eyes - having this "dead" tone. Lucas placed his sketchbook beside him on the bench, pulled up his legs in to fetal position, wrapped his arms around his legs, and rested his chin on his knees.