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located in Earth, a part of My Boyfriend the Pop Star, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Lucas fetched a package of mint flavored candy (polka chews) from his tight jeans pocket, and put one in his mouth while listening to the quite cozy sound of Adrians voice. By the gossip of other students, he'd come to the understanding that "Ian" was some sort of pop star/singer. And one could actually hear it just by listening to him talking. There really was something about his voice, making it pleasant to listen to. Lucas could easily have kept listening to the sound of the words, and falling asleep by the calming tones - but no, he had to stay awake. Besides, this situation (having company / actually talking to someone) was not an every day event - making him more alert than usual.

He chewed his candy, thinking for a moment before opening his mouth to answer: "Well, i can relate to that.. but still, if you keep insisting on attending this school, you should bring a bodyguard or something... The students here can be quite violent... and selfish only thinking about fitting in and being popular.. and ofc they are quite star-struck and getting all exciting about having a celeb here" he continued chewing his polka candy like it was no big deal. Just a casual conversation.

"And i forgot to mention. Some of them got this conquest lists - competing with each other in who slept with whom. And im guessing you will become the number one target for pretty much the majority.. So if i where you, i'd be careful of accepting drinks from strangers. You'll never know in whose bed you'd wake up. Maybe Emilys.. She did suggested something like that in the cafeteria, didn't she?.." he said, blinking a few time to make it impossible to figure out if he was telling the truth or not. Lucas was honest tho, those sex-lists really did exist - and even the "outsider" Lu was a part of a few. He was probably the bravery test, like "i dare you to sleep with Lucas Benson"...

It was not like Lucas was asocial or anything - he was quite good at talking (when he'd get the chance) and he was not shy or anything - more the opposite. Even so, he had chosen to take another path than the rest of the students. Everyone was so material and always thinking about how to gain popularity and getting a good image/fitting in. Everything was revolving around looking good, and not BEING good. Lucas was not like that - and he just wanted to be himself, simple as that. Sure, he could strike a few words with some of the students. Zoey, his ex girlfriend was quite friendly (having no hard feelings after the break up) but they did go to different classes - so they rarely met/spoke at all anymore. And then they where the nerds / victims of bullying Lucas often stepped in to "save". He often tried talking with them, but even so - they where scared to death of him. Probably being affected by the popular students. Humans really was these imprinted pack-animals - always following the footsteps of the alphas.

He kept listening to that pleasant voice, cracking out in a grin when Adrian insisted on continuing hanging out with Lucas (despite the fact that he was an outsider). A part of Lucas was actually relieved and could not believe his ears. It was truly a strange feeling meeting someone who was not bothered by what others would think if he hanged out with Lucas. Not being afraid of "getting infected" by Lu's "outsider" virus. Funny thing how Adrian was a famous celebrity, one would think how they must be these stuck up people only caring about reputation and popularity. Lucas was actually surprised by Adrians gentle inside, and quite mature way of thinking. Plus his determination about finishing school.. Close up, after spending some time with his new "friend", he realized how Adrian was just like everybody else. He wasn't some sort of almighty god. He was just a mortal human after all.. Probably carrying a lot of weight on those athletic shoulders.

The fact that Lucas had no clue about who he was, was simply a result of him "living under a rock" and not listening to any popular music at all. Lucas kept to instrumental music. Lyrics where just distracting when he was trying to paint. And celebrities was not his biggest interest, unless it concerned a famous artist /painter or photographer, he was clueless. But maybe that was a good thing.. or it simply did not matter.. IF Lucas had known who "Ian" was and just how famous he happen to be, im sure he would not be treating him any different. Lucas did not care a shit about fame. And if he wanted to hang out with Adrian, it was only for his personality and not for his amount of fans or gold records topping the radio lists.

"Suite yourself. I won't stop you... But im warning you, it's at your own risk" short answer, but he was actually looking forward on Adrian "pestering" him. Lucas sighted a bit dejected, shook his shoulders and turned his face up towards the blue sky. Was he getting soft? That was wierd... Closing his dark eyes and enjoying the warmth of the sun. "Do as you please. It's not like i have an image to protect or anything like that" he simply said after a long time of reflection, leaving the decision to Adrian. It was he who had something to loose, or gain, from the situation. Getting "used" was not something new for Lucas.