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located in Earth, a part of My Boyfriend the Pop Star, one of the many universes on RPG.




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"At least one giant bodyguard, preferably 2 or 3. I mean, look at those boys tackling each other..." Lucas laughed. Just the thought of guards dressed in black suits + sunglasses, in their school was quite hilarious. But so was the thought of having a famous pop star as a classmate.. Besides, it was probably the girls Adrian had to watch up for - including Emily and her followers.

Lucas changed position and sat up straight with both feet's on the ground. His legs had started feeling this tiny cramp, and his chin resting on his knees had created two discrete red marks on his pale skin. He rubbed his jaw with the back of his hand, before turning his eyes towards Adrian. Listening patient and in silence to his suggestion, Lucas tilted his head to the side with one raised eyebrow. A part of him felt this nervous pounding inside his chest, realizing his life had not been this excited in ages. But it was not just that, Lucas really wanted to help the guy. Even if he already knew the answer, he was going to follow the instructions - and give his final response after Math. It was kind of gentlemanlike of Adrian, giving Lucas some time for consideration.

He watched as the new student returned to the others and the game of football. Lu just swallowed his candy and resumed with his drawing. Not that he felt the same inspiration anymore, his mind where occupied with.. other things.... Gym class was suddenly over, and there was a small brake before Math. Lucas gathered his things and went back inside. Not that he was eager to start the next class, even tho Lucas was brilliant with numbers and solving problems and calculations, no - he simply wanted to pay a visit to his absolute favorite room in the whole school. The art room. On his way there - something felt different. Rasing his gaze, he noticed students staring, pointing at him and whispering. Lucas was normally someone people avoided. Tending to have this determined, firm and unstoppable steps screaming "get out of my way". But today, Lucas almost walked in slow-motion as he noticed how people around him acted. The scene from the cafeteria sure had spread fast... "Oh it's him! He's soooo lucky....." he heard someone saying while people gathered in the corridor to get a glimpse of the "boyfriend" of the famous pop star. Some girls even gossiped about how hot and sexy Lucas was (all mysterious and "dark") - making Lucas snort out of amusement. That was a compliment he had not heard in a while. And just yesterday he had been a freak, so the change was quite huge.

But the positive reactions did not last long. When turning left around a corner - he felt a sudden blow to the face. It really was some sort of "surprise attack" with the culprits lurking and lying in wait for him. Lucas stumbled a few steps, but raised his arm to seek support from the wall. The other hand automatically flew up to place itself on his eyebrow/nose bridge in a try to suppress the pain. It was not like he was shocked or anything, Lucas was used to this treatment. In the corner of his eye, he could see 3 silhouettes disappearing with the sound of running footsteps echoing through the corridor. "fucking cowards! Seriously, are you to much of a pussy to show your face!" Lucas yelled after them. He took a deep breath to "calm down" and decided to pay a visit to the school toilets before the art room. When looking in the mirror, he felt a huge relief. It was not like the blow had cracked his nose bridge or causing him to bleed or anything. No, the punch had landed near his left eyebrow - on his forehead. Causing him to feel a discrete pounding headache. But other than that, he was unharmed. It would probably be a bruise tomorrow tho - but at the moment he looked like his usual self. Dark tired bags under his eyes and a dead serious face of stone. A little blow to the face had never stopped him before, so he simply went on with his plans - visiting the art teacher in his classroom.

Mr Zoeng, an old japanese man, was currently sitting behind his desk in the front - grading paintings done by the freshmen students having art as their "free choice subject". The old man glanced up over his glasses, firing off a discrete smile. "Oh it's you" he simply said and glanced down again to admire the next piece of paper filled with water colour. Lucas leaned forward to sneak a peak on the painting. "This one is far too much paint and no water at all.. Plus, the lines are too harsh. But the motive is okey. I would say this student can handle the vision but not the tools to get the wanted result..." Lucas blurted out, brutally honest, without thinking. Zoeng just laughed and raised his grey thick eyebrows. "You starting to sound like me... But i assume that criticizing these painting isn't the reason for your visit?" Lucas swallowed and let his hand glide through the brown jaw-long hair. Zoeng was just so easy to talk to. And he did not knew any other person who could turn his inner thoughts in to words that actually made sense. Ofter referring to art - making Lucas see things clearly. "No... I was wondering... If my life where about to change.. something new and scary.. Do you think my paintings will still be as good?" Lucas mumbled. Acting just like a little insecure boy seeking advice from his "Master Yoda". The old man got silent for a moment, creating deep wrinkles on his forehead while thinking. "Even better im sure about it. You are still young boy! You have not yet experienced the things necessary to match your potential. Get out there, create new memories, discover yourself as well as others. Good or bad. You might make terrible choices, but then fine, it will just be another thing to express in to art"

Lucas scratched the back of his neck while biting his lower lip. It kind of made sense. Experience new things... Having something new to paint... So then what the heck if everything went south. It was not like there was no return. If Lucas decided that playing the boyfriend of a celebrity did not work out, he could always change his mind - right? I mean, they could always "break up".. And Lucas would have another experience to put on a canvas. Ofc making it into a painting wasn't his first priority. Lucas was a kind and caring person deep inside. Getting the situation under control was all he wanted. Even if he just known Adrian for half a day. He had been a student here 3 years ago.. and everybody had suddenly forgotten about his "old self" and just threw themselves upon the "famous pop star".. It was truly sad to witness.

"Thank you... i guess" Lucas replied a bit absent minded while sneaking a glance on his phone. Realizing he was already late for math, he turned around and started walking. "gotta run... late for math!" he manage getting out, and raising his hand over his head in his custom "see you- gesture", before leaving the classroom. "Lucas! If its about drugs, then i take it back! And i distinctly advise you to NOT get involved!" he could hear Zoengs voice behind him, making the corners of Lucas mouth twitch as he hurried for the math classroom.

Entering the room, he was quite out of breath. "so sorry im late... i was talking with a teacher.." he panted while founding his way to the back of the room and an empty seat. Adrian was already surrounded by other students, and Lucas did not wanna interrupt (in case they where friendly ones). So he simply sat down alone and started with the assigned pages. He had said to give his final answer after math, so theoretically he still had some time left to decide. Not that he needed it. Lucas mind was already settled. And hearing about the media did not scare him at the moment. Thinking he could probably deal with the press better than Adrian could handle the students. Plus, his main worry was to make sure Adrian could graduate without getting mashed by clingy students and flirty star-struck kids. So acting like his boyfriend was not a big deal.. not if he could help - then it was all worth it.. Plus, they could end it whenever they wanted to. He almost felt excided, butterflies in his stomach, like he was a child going on an adventure. So he made sure to finnish all the numbers, as well as the homework, while waiting for the class to end. Every now and then sneaking a glance in front on him - to see how Adrian was handling his table "neighbors"...