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located in US, a part of Wild Flowers, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Character Portrait: Gigi Mulhulland Character Portrait: Bobby Gunner Character Portrait: Vixen "Jade" Sutekh
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Excuse me can you tell me the worst thing you've heard about me
Maybe that I'm a little harlot homicidal queen
You know I heard that I don't belong in this scene
Sex, metal, barbie, whore, attention fiend
You know I heard that I'm a haters dream
Low class, white trash, I'm so obscene
You know I heard that I should be ashamed
Still they hold their fists in the air screaming my name
Baby go ahead
I'll be your hatred and your pain
This is killing us all
I don't care if I fall
We're the dying, we are the damned
Baby go ahead
I'll be the villain you can blame
I'll be the belle of the brawl
Be the lust in us all
I'm the diva of the damned

Music blared through the one earbud that worked drowning out all sound to Quincy’s left, her mind wandering, the music taking her thoughts a little darker than usual. From where she sat on the edge of the roof she could feel the vibrations from the music below, sending electric like shocks up her spine.

The wind swept over the roof, picking up pieces of Quincy’s soft golden locks as she watched the scene unfold in front of her like a bad telenovela. A scarlet smile slid across her face as Vixen manhandled a large man whose name she didn’t bother to remember. She took a long pull off of her joint, and held. This was her new favorite, a special order of God’s gift, a blend of 90% Indica and 10% Sativa that relaxed and energized at the same time. When her lungs burned and could no longer hold the smoke, she released a slow breath.

”What’s all this about Gigi?” Vixen asked. Before Gigi could answer however, Bobby swept in like the devil in dented armor he was. Quin felt a lightness float over her and she giggled as she pictured Bobby really wearing armor.

"Let's find out,” He started before flipping through the pamphlet and continuing “It's good. Should make us a bit. Just need some of us to dress up like good church going folks." Bobby said with a grin that was infectious. Quincy arched a perfectly curved brow in his direction before standing, straightening out her black knee length dress, and curtsying in his direction.

“I think little ol’ me can handle that part” she said with a wink.

"Now, who wants to do some shots of whatever poison we got lying around down there?" Bobby said said.

“Oh god yes, I am desperate need of a shot. Puff?” She asked as she offered him the joint with a grin.