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Samantha Lorraine
The Hand
"For whatever its worth, I'm glad I won't die alone."

Running isn't exactly what Sam would call it.

She's doing her best to keep the both of them on their feet. Out the door and through the long winding corridors of the hospital. With the amount of noise they are making she has no doubts that the monster has already heard them. Is probably hot on their tails but Sam doesn't stop long enough to dwell on it. She knows every twist and turn of this place, has visited the various nooks and hide aways with Marcus enough to be capable of mapping out a plan of action. Between keeping Jena on her feet, practically dragging her along beside her, and staying one step ahead of the monster she can't even think. Can't wrap her head around where to go except she has to keep fucking running.

"Sam, Sam! I can't," Jena chokes on the breath she's trying to catch. Lung aflame, heart pounding so fast she thinks it may be trying to escape her body altogether. "I can't keep going!" She manages, feeling light headed but sharply aware all at the same time. Sam knows. Feels bad because she can see Jena isn't in the shape to be moving at all but can't stop. Not when the growls pursuing them grow louder by the second. Sam doesn't boast strength. Lifting anything heavier than a sack of potatoes at the super market always gave her trouble. And yet somehow, she's holding both her own and almost the entirety of Jena's weight. Why is she going this far for a stranger? She should have cut her losses the moment she realized those things were in there with them. Fuck her guilty conscious. Always, always ruining her life.

"Just a little further," Sam breathes hard.

"Where," Jena wheezes. As if Sam has an answer. She doesn't, just an inkling of a feeling and a hell of a bad plan starting to form in her head. Damn it all. She takes a sharp right, nearly dragging Jena into a wall before the both of them straighten out. She's starting to falter in step, legs burning with the exertion. She should have never quit the high school track team. Another sharp right takes them to a set of options. Keep going straight to the parking garage access doors; and hope to god the security locks aren't on, or make their way down the stairs. In the end Sam decides its better to risk the stairs than be caught at a dead end. For what its worth, she's glad she won't be dying alone.

The stairs slow their pace, gives her too much time to feel the exhaustion chipping away at her resolve. Jena is just as unsteady and twice as hard to keep moving but Sam doesn't let go of her hand so theres no choice in the matter. Keep moving or be dragged along in a more painful way. She sort of hates herself for it but dammit, she's come this far now and if one of them is gonna die in this hospital she figures it ought to be both of them. She may not believe in god or heaven, but theres always going to be that small part of her that tells her the moment she dies she'll see Marcus again. Maybe not alive, but whole in a way that only memories can show her now.

Loitering in the lobby was the worst idea she ever had. By the time she made up her mind to get moving she realized that the feeling of paranoia creeping up her spine wasn't just a feeling. There was something watching her. Stalking her from the shadows. felt it in the pit of her stomach even before she heard the sound of it. She didn't let on that she knew it was there, that would incite a chase and she needed to save her energy. Maybe it would get bored, go away - she doubted it. By the time she slipped from its sight and found herself at the room Jena was in she knew that it was only a matter of time before it came back.

Theres a gurney wedged between the door and the opposite end of the hallway. Probably why Jena was having issues getting the door open. Sam avoided looking at the sheet covered body on top. There isn't much left of whoever it was. She had no doubts about what had killed them. Instead she braces herself as she starts to move the gurney, its wheels locking up, giving her enough trouble that she decides to just hop over and pull it from the other side. The resulting noise, she's sure, is enough to alert the thing that followed her in the lobby. She can hear it, no mistaking it now.

The breath is punched out of her at the sight of Marcus, even if there are more pressing matters she can't help the sudden force of emotions that overtake her. Long enough to get her eyes misty. She wants to puke, to scream, to cry. But she doesn't. Tears her eyes from his body with an urgency she's surprised she can even muster and catches sight of the person she's here for. Later, she'll try and come back for Marcus. But in that moment, they need to get the fuck out of dodge.

"Where are we going?" Jena forces her attention. Grateful for the distraction of hushed conversation, but at the same time utterly exhausted at the thought of keeping it together while dragging ass down three flights of stairs. She chooses to mumble something about 'to safety' and calls it a day on that front. Thank god they weren't on the top floor. They reach the halfway point, and it must register to Jena then where they are going. Even if Sam hasn't said it aloud just yet. Winces at the look of panic that alights in the revelation. "Seriously?"

Sam ignores her for the time being. Focused on taking one step at a time. The stairway is wide enough that they can walk side by side but only one of them gets the railing to hold onto. She let Jena take that side, since she's got the most injuries to worry about but regrets that choice when the brunette digs in her heels and wraps her arm so tightly around the rail that it takes all fight out of Sam. They come to a halt, one flight above their destination. The growls are distant now - when did they fade? But Sam can only imagine its a matter of time before the beast comes barreling towards them.

"The Morgue? Are you kidding me?" Sam pinches the bridge of her nose, huffing wildly. They can't be doing this right now, they need to move. But dammit, Jena isn't budging no matter how hard Sam tries. She laughs, a cross between incredulous and terrified. "We don't have time to argue this," Sam tries for gentle but ends up the snarling beast she knows herself to be. "It won't smell us down there."

"And you know this how?" In hindsight it isn't like Jena has room to argue. But the very idea of hiding among piles of bodies in the morgue doesn't exactly strike her as a good plan. Of course, she had to end up saving someone annoying. Karma. But fuck it right? "Do you think anybody had time to get the formaldehyde out and juice up all those bodies down there? Huh? Cause as far as I know, they barely even had the time to drop them off down there. So yes, it won't smell us over the stench of rotting fucking bodies." That seems to shut up Jena. Sam only feels a little bad. She doesn't owe Jena anything, if anything, the debt is in her hands now. If they make it out of this alive she'll call it square but at that moment all she cares about is getting the hell down to body city and waiting this thing out.

The growls reach them again, closer than before. Its enough to loosen Jena from the railing. Sam throws caution to the wind and barrels them both down the stairs, half falling. Barely catching themselves before they take the plunge down. A fall now would probably kill one or both of them. Sam's always hated these stupid concrete stairs. They won't reach the Morgue undetected but once there they'll figure something out. Its close enough now that Sam swears she can feel hot breath on her neck. The smell of putrid meat clogging up her nose. Makes her last meal bubble up in her throat. No time to stop. No time to breathe. Jena is gasping and wheezing so hard that Sam starts to worry if the other is asthmatic.

Wouldn't that just be grand, get Jena to safety only to watch her die from asphyxiation.

The last stretch of stairs nearly kills her, they barrel through the double doors just in time for Sam to feel the hard scrape of a claw against her back. Tearing at her skin, but the both of them combined manage to shut the doors tight in time for the thing to get a face full of hardwood and metal. Serves it right. But it won't keep it down for long. Sam knows they can open doors just fine so its only a matter of time before it shakes off its injuries and starts after them again. She's glad she didn't look at it. She'd probably recognize the face it stole.

"What do we do now?" Jena seethes. "We're practically trapped at a dead end here." Sam knows. Feels like being a little petulant until the smell hits her again. God dammit, its worse than a sewer in here. She can't stop herself from throwing up then. A conglomeration of yellow browns that just makes it worse. Grunts against her hand as she wipes the residue away and looks at Jena again. They have a few minutes maybe to work something out but Sam still feels rushed. "Your gonna hate me for suggesting this," Sam starts, mouth sticky and gross. "I don't think I can get any angrier at this point." Jena, to her credit has managed to catch her breath. Painful as it is to take deep breaths. Her chest feels constricted, or maybe crushed, she can't tell the difference.

Sam faces the interior of the room, takes in the sight of stacked up bodies. Too many to even keep on the tables, she doesn't even want to think about the overflow in the freezers. Its sad really, to see so many lives strewn about without a care. She won't blame the people who work in the Morgue for it. She wouldn't be able to handle it either. Sam is morbidly thankful for it in the least, as it'll keep them hidden long enough to wait the thing out and be on their merry way. "We need to hide." She inclines her head to the tables, stacked high with the dead. Jena stares, not comprehending at all really. "Where?" And Sam grimaces, feels her mouth stick together at the slightest thought of voicing her thoughts aloud.

"I - we, need to hide...with the bodies." Sam counts the seconds of silence before Jena is choking again. "Oh my god, will that even work? I'm pretty sure these things have working brains." Sam can't deny that at all. But then again, what other hope do they have? "From what I know," Sam stresses, "They rely on their senses. Even if their brains work most of them only use it long enough to trick their prey. I'm not an expert but I'm pretty sure we can just wait it out."

"Now drawer or pile."

"Wait it - " Hah. "Wait it out!" Jena is almost positive she's only standing right now due to the sheer force of stupidity in this situation. "Christ, and what happens when this plan doesn't work, huh?" Maybe she's being a little ungrateful here. She's seen enough daytime television to know that this is a half baked plan and almost mirrors the kind of ridiculous thing she'd see there. Theres no real choice here now. If they go out the emergency doors theres a chance that the alarms would go and she's not ready for that hell. "Fine," Jena hates herself the second she marches towards the piles; she isn't fond of the idea of being shoved into a drawer, she's claustrophobic enough. Sam is there at her side in an instant, equally as disgusted as she drags one of the bodies from a table. "It'll work better if...if it can't see you." She might as well be making this shit up now but hey, if it works out in the end she'll call it a win. Jena only looks at her for a brief moment before allowing Sam to help her down onto the pile. Groans as the body from the table is dragged awkwardly over her. Sam is amazed she can even manage it. Blames the adrenaline for it. "What about you?" Jena asks, worry lacing her tone.

Sam shrugs, "I'll slip into a drawer." She's halfway across the room when the door handles start jiggling. Counts her lucky stars for the divider between rooms that gives her an extra few seconds to shove herself into an open drawer, alongside a body thats laying half on the drawers table and half splayed on the floor. She doesn't have the time to straighten it out so she simply shoves straight to the back and curls up as tight as she can. Hoping she isn't visible.

Hoping this all works out.

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