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Character Portrait: Miralda Cristina de Reon
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"-ri! Center----! Lose 'em!"

While most of Zhyle's comment was lost to the crowd, Miralda understood his intent. Unfortunately, she was still moving towards that open space by the wall, and the only way to turn would be through her... followers.

She slowed her movement down as much as she could, and was pleased to see that the others were content to slow with her. It gave her time to make a plan. She would hit one of the two outer men if they hit a rough patch of fighting or slipped up in any way, then work her way around the arena and look for another opportunity to strike. Still, she doubted this plan would last too long as it was counting on her current luck of not getting caught up with other fights. Well, that was something to deal with as it arose, she had a plan to implement.

Right as she hit a clearing, the leftmost man stumbled. With a burst of speed, she was on him with a vicious overhand strike. The man was quick enough to throw himself to the side, but she followed with a strong kick that caught him behind his knee. Before he even had time to grab his leg in pain, she fell onto his face with her shield, and he was out. She rolled herself off the insensate man and to her feet before any of the fighters around her could capitalize, and started working her way in the circle she had planned. One was down, but she doubted the other three would let her take them down quite as easily.