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located in Youkai Street, a part of Youkai Street, one of the many universes on RPG.

Youkai Street

A town full of Youkai.


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Character Portrait: Miyako Mormeril Character Portrait: Mikado Sarubi Character Portrait: Chiyoko-Danuki
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As twilight came, good children went to sleep. Adults, too, grew tired, as the sun set, leaving the observable world in darkness. Of course, every time something fell asleep, another thing woke up, and in this case, it was the nocturnal Chiyoko, who's eyes had no trouble seeing in a world of little light. That said, the street where Youkai did commerce was far from dark, what with lights, both traditional and modern, brightly shining this way and that in a whole variety of colors.

The light made the Bake-Danuki easily recognizeable, dressed in her green kimono that didn't quite look like it belonged to a woman, and wearing that leafy hat that had the ribbon and bells on it that she was well known for, her kiseru pipe hanging from it by a string. Her glass spectacles reflected the light in a white sheen, not unlike an animal's glossy eyes would. Of course, her most prominent feature, her bushy tail, swayed gentle behind her.

Many of the other Youkai who recognized the lady greeted Chiyoko as she passed, greetings which she returned in kind with a full smile. She would stop at times to make small conversation, asking them about their evenings. Chiyoko asked Jikorin the Bakeneko if she was in good health, and indeed, she was feeling better after she returned from one of the human graveyards. Chiyoko asked her fellow Tanuki Mouri (who preferred to be in his Tanuki form, but wore rather modern clothes) if his business was doing well and if his wife was in good health. Chiyoko greeted the young Kappa Taro and Jiro, who were apparently debating whether stag or rhinoceros beetles were better, to which she suggested they should have the two kinds of bugs battle it out for supremacy. There were many familiar faces on the streets tonight, as there were every night, and almost all of them knew Chiyoko as a friendly old Youkai woman. When you live in such a small place for a long amount of time, everybody gets to know everybody at some point, even within a human's lifespan.

Still, there was one place that Chiyoko went to almost daily, usually to socialize, but she also conducted business there. This time around, however, it was for connections. Stepping past the curtains into the Rōzuu~ebu, she greeted the Jorogumo barkeep, Miyako, who knew her well. "Good evening, dearie. Has work been treating you well? Are the girls doing well? I reckon with all of you working so hard, this homey place will become back in due time... If you ever want to do anything to improve the place, I'll always let you borrow money at no interest charge, you know that... Oh, I'm not ordering anything yet, I've got matters to tend to. This old lady is always so busy, always working. I could use a day off to relax." Chiyoko spoke with that friendly, amiable tone that always made her seem so nice and trustworthy, and simply fun to be around, even if she droned on and wouldn't stop talking sometimes, not unlike any other old lady.

After a few minutes of pleasantries and small talk, however, Chiyoko decided that it was best to not keep her negotiation partner waiting any longer. He was there, standing and waiting for her, clearly not wanting to be rude. "Excuse me," she pardoned herself with an embarrassed smile and took the seat she was offered.

"I welcome you Chiyoko-dono, please enjoy the sake and don't mind the rather large characters behind us.'' The man greeted before extending his hand. Chiyoko looked at dubiously for a second before giving a hearty chuckle in realization. "Oh, my apologies, young man. I'm not entirely used to the other greeting customs of humans, but of course, I know of them." Still chuckling to herself, she returned the gesture. Chiyoko was also aware of the amount of information one could receive from a handshake. Her grip was firm and steady, even compared to the man's bigger hand.

With that out of the way, the man—Chiyoko knew exactly who he was, seeing as he invited her—decided to proceed with his request without any extra socializing. ''So let's get straight to business, I think you already know of my intentions but i'll explain them to you anyways. I wish to growth my business and power in the Underworld which I know your very influential in. If we could come to some sort of standalone I would enjoy that rather well." When he finished explaining, he offered to toast. "To becoming aquaintenced," Chiyoko offered, before returning the toast. She did not drink yet, however.

The Tanuki asked, "Do you mind if I smoke?" She grabbed the kiseru that hung from her hat and held it in her hands. Regardless of his answer, she took a moment to light it up and take a long, thoughtful drag from it. Chiyoko then leaned back and blew the smoke out and watched it contemplatively as it drifted upward toward the ceiling.

"I think you're sorely mistaken if you think I'm the one you're looking for," the Tanuki said at last, her restrained, old lady voice being replaced with something else entirely, something more devious. She looked directly at Mikado with a sly expression, leaning back in her seat with the kiseru in hand. "No, I know what you want, what you're looking to do. What you're mistaken about is how you think the underworld is run. Yes, I am indeed one of the most influential members, and indeed, I can make things happen according to my whims, but... Well, the underworld isn't some great big organization with any true structure. No, it's a free place, run by Youkai who simply decide they're not going to go by rules arbitrarily set up by someone else."

"Indeed, my power is great, but I'm no empress. I don't put a stranglehold on others and tell them what to do. I'm simply good at meeting people interests and benefiting them, and they do favors for me in turn. It's all about mutual benefit, a force that is the strength behind all interaction, from the bar to the bedroom. Us Youkai are all interested in ourselves and only ourselves, after all. So, do as you please, because I won't stop you... unless, of course, you are in the way of my interests... And likewise, be helpful to me, and I'll support you, like the good partner that I am." Chiyoko paused for a moment to take another drag from her kiseru to allow her words to sink in.

Bringing the pipe away from her mouth, she then leaned forward. "Although, we haven't had a chance to properly get to know each other, hmm? I mean, I know you know much about me, just as I know much about you, but as like-minded individuals, we should really understand each other better. For instance, I'm a big believer in tradition and upholding your family's values. My father before me was honest with his money-lending practices, as am I. Of course, my father was quite the mischievous sort, and I, too, like to follow in his footsteps sometimes. Of course, you've read all the storybooks so you know how it is. Of course, what I'm wondering if you have the same values. Do you find upholding your family's values to be important?" She had this confident smirk, as if she knew something he didn't, and she was clearly implying at something. She sat back and began to explain.

"Yes, I make sure to give some attention to honored names, and if this old lady's memory holds, the Sarubis were once a ruling family of some kind, even if not for very long. Still, your family's actions are quite ambitious, and as shown by the evidence, the ambitious Youkai is much more dangerous than the fickle one, willing to do whatever he can, use whoever he can, in order to get what he wants. If it's power he wants, he's going to do whatever it takes to keep it, regardless of who suffers."

"So tell me,"
the Bake-Danuki Chiyoko asked, with a wide smile, "Do you have any intention to uphold your family's values? Because if it's power you seek," Chiyoko leaned in again, an intense look in her eyes, but her smile not leaving her face, "I won't hesitate to protect my own interests."