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located in Youkai Street, a part of Youkai Street, one of the many universes on RPG.

Youkai Street

A town full of Youkai.


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Character Portrait: Sanjakubō Kurama Character Portrait: Ki
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A bright light filled the forest surrounding Ki's host tree as they carefully stepped out from the trunk of the tree and landed on the ground below. Stretching, they watched as their body slowly turned from nothing but a translucent outline into real flesh. Turning their head gingerly, they now watched as the light that they had stepped out of a moment ago dulled, until there was nothing but an ordinary tree left.

Ki wished that they had gotten up earlier. They always enjoyed watching the way that the light from the tree would play off of the morning dew drops. However, it seemed as though night had already fallen over their little town, which meant that all of the dew had long since been brushed off of the surrounding foliage. Now that they thought about it, it probably wasn't a very good idea to stay up all last night following a pack of wolves as they went on their journey through the woods.

Looking around, Ki's crimson eyes widened curiously as they landed on a note placed by their roots. Crouching down to pick up the piece of parchment, Ki narrowed their eyes as they attempted to read what had been written in the darkness that surrounded them. 'Sanja left his temple?' The surprise was evident on their face, but it soon melted into a soft smile as they stood up and folded the note in half. It was nice that he was getting out of his house for once, he rarely ever seemed to leave. This would be good for him.

Turning towards the direction of Sanja's shrine, Ki decided that they may as well head up there now. They glided silently through the forest, the leaves beneath their feet never making so much as a crackling sound as Ki walked over them. They would smile gently and nod their head in greeting every time they saw a pair of eyes peek out at them from behind the bushes. That was another reason they enjoyed getting up early, one could find all of the animals out scampering around at sunrise. Yet, as the sun set most of them would take to their homes, only to peek out curiously as somebody passes by.

Closing their eyes, Ki lifted their face up to the sky and took a deep breath of the crisp night air. They didn't even need to keep their eyes open to know that they were going the right way, they'd been to the temple way too many times to count. As they approached said temple, Ki's eyes fluttered open to stare up at it. They would have to hike up to it, Ki wondered if Sanja sometimes forgot that they couldn't fly like he could. 'Well, may as well get climbing...' Ki thought to their self as they began the walk up the mountain path.


As they arrived at Kurama Shrine, Ki released a small sigh of relief. It wasn't that bad getting up here, but they just hoped that Sanja would stay out on the town long enough to make this actually worth it. Now that they took the time to think about it, Ki wondered why exactly Sanja had gone down to town. It must have been something important for him to leave his home. Curiosity peaked, they headed inside the shrine.

Ki had always enjoyed visiting the temple, it was very relaxing and the architecture was definitely something to marvel at. However, as they walked slowly through the shrine, Ki couldn't help the feeling of loneliness that sunk into their stomach. Down in the forest they at least had their host tree, along with the other trees, and the animals. Plus, people would pass by every now and then. But up here it was obvious that there wasn't very much. Ki wondered how Sanja managed to stay up here by himself for so long, they would definitely have to try and get him to go down to the town more often. Even though Sanja was the one who took care of them, they couldn't help but worry about him every now and then as well.

Looking out at the view that was available from atop the mountain that the shrine was built on, Ki wondered what was going on in the village right about now. Turning around, they then headed further into the shrine to try and find something to keep them busy until the house's owner returned.