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Snippet #2690632

located in U.A. High, Japan, a part of you can be a hero !, one of the many universes on RPG.

U.A. High, Japan



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Character Portrait: Okamoto Rin Character Portrait: Hinata Tachibana Character Portrait: Akiyama Shou Character Portrait: Naoki Castle Character Portrait: Akari Kasai Character Portrait: Motome Fumika
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Sunlight trickled onto Hinata's face as he yawned softly and sat up. His eyes lazily drifted around his bedroom and he wiggled his toes slightly under his sheets and chuckled to himself. A knock at his door snapped him out of little morning stupor. It was his mother Kohina, she entered his room and smiled broadly.

"Today's a big day sweetheart." She cooed as he laid out his sweater, skirt, and knee highs. "It's your first day of Superhero school!" She said as she softly kissed his forehead. He got up and hugged his mom tightly.

"Alright mama, I'll get dressed and be right down." His mother left and he took off his pink and white cloud-patterned silk nightgown and slid on his clothes, his combed through his hair and walked downstairs happily. His father, Gorou, and his mother were standing at the door. One had his backpack, the other a bento lunch.

"Now, don't get hurt and if someone else gets hurt that's their own problem! Don't you step in and if it's too severe definitely don't and-" His father interupted his mother's speech and her eyes welled up with tears. His father pulled his mother close and they both smiled and said together.

"Goodluck at school today Hinata." Hinata felt tears run down his smiling face as he hugged them both and kissed their cheeks. Thanking them before grabbing his stuff and heading out toward his new school.


Once Hinata arrived in the school he wandered through the hallways, taking everything in with an awestruck expression. It was so cool here. He couldn't believe that he had truly gotten in, he'd be a superhero someday and that prospect of that sent shivers down his spine. His mind wandered in dreams of himself in a superhero cape, saving people and fighting bad guys. His mouth in reality hung open a bit as he wandered aimlessly toward room 1-A. His brain was elsewhere entirely, causing him to crash into a large male upperclassman. Hinata gasped and apologized repeatedly, the large man grinned lecherously and looked over Hinata. Though that was interrupted by the boy checking his watch and gasping.

"Holy cow, is that the time?! I gotta go! Thanks for breaking my fall kind sir!" Hinata got up, smoothed his skirt and bowed quickly running off toward his classroom. The classman sat in a daze watching the little girl run off. She was cute, but obviously crazy.

Hinata arrived in his classroom and straightened his outfit as he walked in and sighed content that he finally made it. He spotted a girl with brown hair near the window. He waved to her shyly as he took a front-row seat in the center of class. Hyped and ready for whatever awaited him. He kicked his feet slightly and smiled wide. He was very nervous, he wasn't sure how he'd demonstrate his ability. . . But! He was still ready for whatever awaited him in the near future. He was sure his classmates would be really cool too.