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Snippet #2690727

located in U.A. High, Japan, a part of you can be a hero !, one of the many universes on RPG.

U.A. High, Japan



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Character Portrait: Okamoto Rin Character Portrait: Hinata Tachibana Character Portrait: Akiyama Shou Character Portrait: Motome Fumika Character Portrait: Izaya Fiore
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{"Time to get fired up!"}
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{Burn || Ellie Goulding}

"'Cause we got the fire, fire, fire, yeah we got the fire fire fire. And we gonna let it burn burn burn burn."

"AKARI! GET UP!" a male's voice roared through the home of the Kasai family. He groaned. "Why...?" the male spoke out. He would get up, and his hair would stick up in various twists and ends. His eyes had dark black circles underneath them as he moved out of his bed. His form moved closer to the door, his head stuck out as a girl looked at him. "Get up Hothead. You have your first day at U.A." the female spoke as Akari's eyes widened. wAIT I FORGOT OH MY GOD WHY!? I HAVE TO GET READY I'M GOING TO BE LATE! the male thought as he rushed back into his room. His body moving around as he entered the bathroom. He quickly stripped himself and hopped into the shower. The lukewarm water that rushed over his skin, reminded him of his quirk's heat. He enjoyed the feeling.

Several minutes later, the male exited the shower and got dressed. Despite the U.A already having a "basic uniform guideline", Akari chose to ignore it. He put on his white button up shirt, and tied his blue tie loosely around his neck. Covering that was his ruby red blazer, that had white trim and insides. He put on a pair of gray slacks and rushed down the stairs. "Forgetting your things?" his father asked, as the male would slump. Akari sighed. "Oops, yeah. Hey Dad, thanks for getting me up. I'll see you after school." as he grabbed his belongings and rushed out the door and ran down the streets. Running into people, randomly apologizing for hitting them. He was just excited, he was going to OWN this year. He was going to become one of the best superheroes everywhere. He soon reached the school yard, and scanned his I.D before looking for Class 1-A. He moved silently up the stairs. He was only a bit ahead of time, so he stopped into the classroom, noticing a kid with blondish-orange hair. He's kinda cute, so is everyone! I can't wait till I introduce myself. I'm going to adopt EVERYONE in here. They are now my children. the male thought as he sat down near the back of the classroom.