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located in Youkai Street, a part of Youkai Street, one of the many universes on RPG.

Youkai Street

A town full of Youkai.


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Character Portrait: Ki Character Portrait: Shohei Character Portrait: Rika Nekonyankoo
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After having walked around for a while, Ki's eyes landed on a tea set that was laying out. They began to wonder if they should make some tea for when Sanja returned. It would keep them busy, and it might also make their caretaker happy. Yet, the more they thought about it the more it began to seem like it wasn't the best idea. For one, Ki had no idea when the older male would be back, the tea could have gone cold by the time he returned. And for two, Ki had never really made tea before. That could be a bit of a setback.

They were brought out of their thoughts by the sound of a voice calling from somewhere in the temple. Listening closely as they called out again, Ki realized that it was a voice that they happened to know quite well. Walking into the next room, Ki smiled happily as Shohei poked his head around the doorway.

To the question of if they were alone, Ki just simply nodded in response. But as he questioned where the 'boss' was, they decided to speak up. "Sanja left for the village. He told me to watch the shrine." Nodding their head once more afterwards as if to show that was all they knew, Ki looked back up at Shohei curiously. Why exactly was he looking for Sanjakubo anyways?

However, instead of answering Ki's unsaid question, Shohei then stated that he was going down to the village as well. At the offer for Ki to come with him, they merely shook their head. "Thank you... But I've been put in charge of watching over the temple. And I wouldn't want to betray Sanja's trust." Ki wasn't sure what they would do if Sanja became disappointed or angry with them.

Despite it being the choice that they believed was right, it was still sort of hard to watch Shohei fly away. Now not only would they not be able to find out what was going on down in the village until Sanjakubo got back, but now Ki was once again alone.

Ki likely would have ended up getting lost in their thoughts again if it hadn't been for a new voice that rang out through the building. 'The shrine is very busy tonight' They thought to their self as they went to see who was calling now. Catching a glimpse of pink hair, Ki instantly knew who it was.

"Rika?" They called out quietly, watching the girl's eyes widen with delight as they landed on them. And even though Ki didn't quite think that it was possible, her eyes seemed to fill with even more delight at the mention that Sanja was out at the moment. Surprise seemed to cause Ki's own eyes to widen as Rika enthusiastically clasped their hands in hers. Yet the girl was off again before Ki could give any sort of response, suddenly seemingly entranced with the various objects around the temple.

Ki watched silently as Rika made a bag materialize out of thin air, a tinge of worry striking them as they saw that she was now beginning to stuff items inside of said bag. 'Rika wouldn't do anything bad... right?' They told their self as they watched the pink ball of energy run about. They felt a bit strange when she asked if they could help her add items to the stack, but a couple of reassurances that she would tell Sanja that she borrowed them later quickly wiped any worry Ki had away. 'Of course Rika wouldn't do anything bad!'

After they had finished helping Rika put everything that she wanted to 'borrow' away, Ki smiled softly at her. "Just be careful not to damage anything before you return it to Sanja. I wouldn't want to see him get mad at you." Looking around the room now, Ki began to wonder why Rika came here in the first place. She had been calling out for Sanjakubo, so maybe that was who they were looking for.

Deciding that this was the most reasonable answer, Ki looked at Rika once more before asking, "Will you be staying here until Sanja returns?" Ki didn't mind the girl's company, plus it would be nice to have somebody to talk to. Or somebody to listen to in this case.