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located in U.A. High, Japan, a part of you can be a hero !, one of the many universes on RPG.

U.A. High, Japan



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Character Portrait: Naoki Castle Character Portrait: Motome Fumika
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~ Two Weeks Ago ~

The blonde-haired girl sat by the side of the train tracks, a faint breeze passing through the station and sending her hair fluttering in her eyes. Brushing it back into place, she gazed down over a nearby guardrail, and onto the town below the hill. Unfolding before her eyes was a familiar landscape - a forest of houses across the roofs of which she and Haruka had silently bounded, separated by streets through which they'd raced. The long, winding road down the slope of the hill from school seemed to glow in the morning sun, reminding her of days gone by. This was home, or at least, it had been.

It had been, but it wouldn't be anymore. Fumika wasn't sure what it was she wanted, but she wondered if it was something other than this. Sitting here on this early morning, about to set off on her own, the bleary-eyed girl found the conviction she'd felt up until now, the certainty she'd had of her goal, starting to slip. To fulfill Haruka's dream... it would make her happy, but wouldn't she be lonely? Wouldn't Fumika be lonely, too? Without Haruka to talk to, and without her mom and dad to look out for her as she moved out on her own, she'd be left all by herself. Was that really the right choice to make? She remembered what it was like, being an observer noticed by no one... And honestly, she didn't want to return to those days. But at the same time, if she stayed, what would she do then? This dream, even if it was inherited from someone else, was the only real goal she had. Without it, what would she strive for? What would she live for?

She didn't know, so she did the only thing she could. She shook these anxious thoughts from her mind, and resolved to carry on. Even if she'd be sad, if it made Haruka happy, it would all be worth it in the end. That alone should have been enough to re-assure her that she was making the right choice. It should have been, but it wasn't.

Fumika sighed ever-so-slightly, biting the inside of her lip. She was almost never uncertain of what she was doing, since she almost never chose what she did herself. But Haruka hadn't asked for this, even if she'd accepted Fumika's offer. She couldn't turn back now without betraying her friend's expectations, but she couldn't proceed without betraying what she herself wanted. No matter which choice she made, she'd still end up failing. This was hard - much too hard for someone like her. Why couldn't it be easy? Why couldn't she just know what was required of her and take the route of least resistance?

The spring wind blew once more across the platform, but this time, it was different. Carried on the breeze was a sound that Fumika recognized immediately: a faint scuffling of wood on the pavement as a familiar figure crested the staircase and hobbled into sight. The raven-haired figure limped over to the bench where Fumika sat, raising a hand from one of her crutches to give the girl a slight wave.

"Mornin'," said Haruka, her tired voice still filled with its usual friendliness and cheer. Fumika's expression changed in a heartbeat, a joyous smile spreading across her melancholy face as she leaped to her feet, her suitcase clattering to the pavement as she rushed to her friend's side, wrapping her arms around her and clinging to her like she was afraid one or the other them would soon disappear. She felt Haruka's hand gently patting her on the head, and drew back to find the person she admired and respected most smiling down at her. "Easy there, Fumi-chan. If you're not careful, you'll knock me over." She warned. Fumika just hugged her more tightly, and Haruka laughed, shifting a little to accommodate her clingy friend as best she could.

Haruka gingerly seated herself on the bench, and Fumika followed suit, returning to her own place beside her. The dark-haired girl gave a wry smile, her golden eyes looking almost sad. "Sorry I was late," She apologized. "I promised I'd be here, but the walk here was a bit harder than I expected."

Fumika shook her head. "It's fine. I'm glad. Glad you came to see me off," She replied, giving a rare smile. The dark-haired girl gave a slight laugh and patted her on the head again, ruffling her hair affectionately.

"So, then, how are you feeling?" Haruka asked, grinning. "Ready to go out there, kick some ass, and save people in need?" Fumika lowered her gaze slightly, shaking her head in response. The truth was that she really didn't feel prepared at all, didn't feel at all like her usual self as an ambivalent observer. She gave a quiet whine, tugging her hair down over her ears uneasily, feeling its warm, soft fluffiness rubbing against her cheeks. While this did help her calm her anxiety to a certain degree, it was far from the consolation she needed. The feeling of her best friend pulling her into another hug, though, was a different story.

"I thought not," Haruka said with a wry smile, looking kindly down at her. "You're nervous, aren't you?" Fumika nodded, rubbing her face into the shoulder of Haruka's jacket. "Well, let me ask you this. What's there to be scared of? You've got an amazing Quirk, and you passed the entrance exam to the best Hero school in the country, for crying out loud. As somebody who's fought against you before, I can safely say that you've got nothing to be afraid of. You can do anything if you put your mind to it, Fumi-chan."

"That's not it," Fumika whispered, her words muffled by the cloth. "That's not it at all, Haruka."

"Eh? Then what's got you so worried?" Haruka asked, taken by surprise. Fumika looked up sadly, her blue eyes struggling hard against the urge to shed their tears.

"I want to be a Hero for you... but I don't want to leave you behind!" She hung her head again, her hands fidgeting as she tried to put her complex feelings into words. "Being a Hero is what you always wanted... it would make you happy... it would be the right thing to do. But if I go to U.A., things will go back to how they were before. I'll be all alone again... I'm not sure if I want that..." Haruka's eyes widened in surprise as she realized what exactly it was Fumika had said. Through all the years Haruka had known her, she'd said a great many things, and had paid close attention to what Haruka had asked of her. But, during all that time, she'd almost never spoken of what it was that she herself actually wanted.

"Let me ask you this. What is it that you want, Fumi-chan?" Haruka gazed down at her friend, trying desperately to read that look on her face, to make sure she wasn't lying in whatever choice she made. Put on the spot, Fumika hesitated. But, hearing the distant sound of a train - her train - approaching quickly, she realized that she would have to choose.

"I think... I think I want to be a Hero," She said at last.

"Then you have a goal. No matter what happens, don't give up on it, okay?" Fumika hesitated a moment at this, but at last nodded. Haruka moved to stand up, causing Fumika to hastily rise and offer her hand to help her. The train pulled into the station behind them, and, picking her luggage back up, Fumika turned to go. "And... don't worry so much about me, alright? Just because we're not in the same town as each other anymore doesn't mean I'll forget all about you, silly. I'll call you every night, so be sure to tell me how things go at U.A., okay? By the time I next see you face-to-face, I want to know exactly how it is you became such a great Hero."

Fumika nodded enthusiastically, smiling as, at the same moment, she tried not to cry. Haruka smiled back, raising one hand from her crutch to give her friend one final wave.

"I'd rather not say 'goodbye,' so... until I see you again, Fumi-chan."

"Until then, Haruka."

As the train doors closed, and with a loud whine, it began to shift, moving away from the town Fumika had always known as home, she found herself rushing to the window, feeling as though leaving now without taking some part of this moment with her would be tantamount to abandoning the home and the friend she'd so cherished. Sure enough, Haruka was still there, standing as tall as always, even though she had to lean on her crutches to do it. She was smiling as she kept waving, but Fumika could see something on her face that caught the light of the rising sun behind her. The entire station was bathed in the same warm orange glow, almost too bright to look at, but at the same time, so dazzling that she couldn't look away.

Fumika's eyes shifted to a bright wine red, taking in that wonderful instant that she made her first real choice, as well as that sad moment in which she left what was most important to her far, far behind, and preserving it forever. The bright sunrise, and the view of the town that day... The light filling the station, and the sight of Haruka, smiling through her tears as she waved goodbye...

Those cherished memories were the impetus for her to carry onward, and the tether that kept her from losing sight of what drove her. That single moment of that single day was what made Fumika decide firmly to become a Hero. And so, this memory, without a doubt, was her most precious of treasures.

Fumika rubbed her eyes and rolled over, tumbling clumsily from under the covers as she slowly sat up. Breathing a quiet yawn, she stumbled to her feet and turned on the light. It flickered a little, the bulb having already nearly burned itself out before she even moved in. Glancing around with bleary eyes, she took in her still-unfamiliar surroundings. A ragged couch she'd found on the curb was placed beside a small table in the room's center, with her futon placed over in the back right corner. In the back left, there was a door leading to the apartment's tiny bathroom, while across the room hung a large sandbag for her training, placed right next to a treadmill and a rack with a couple of shake weights. In the front right was a small pantry with two cabinets, a tiny fridge and freezer, a microwave and a bar of sorts on which to assemble whatever food she might make. Of all those features, this last one was the least used, since the only foods she had at the moment were those of a complexity level roughly akin to microwaved noodles.

There were those who would have called her apartment "run down," "spartan," or perhaps even "empty." But, it served her needs just fine. After all, the rent here was cheaper than the dorms, and it was only a twenty minute walk away from campus. Besides, even if she did need more furnishings than she already had - which she didn't - it wasn't like she could have brought them with her. Shipping and buying all the various things that now adorned her humble abode had already cost her a large portion of her savings, hence why she'd chosen to fill her food supply with cheap, low-quality goods. She'd only really have to eat one meal there, anyway, since lunch was served at the school and she could just skip either breakfast or dinner, depending on her mood.

As things stood, she was too nervous to eat. Besides, she didn't want to risk being late for class. So, she simply removed breakfast from her morning routine, settling for a quick shower before drying her hair - this step was vitally important, since if it was still damp when she got to class, her Quirk would be as good as useless. Once she'd managed to remove her school-issued uniform from its packaging and get dressed, as well as finding her glasses - how exactly had they gotten under the couch, anyway? - she hastily made her way out the door, taking the stairs down to street level and beginning her first morning commute.

By the time she'd reached the school, it was already almost time for classes. But, luckily for her, there was a large tree just outside of the second floor classroom where she was supposed to go. Her eyes flashed green, a matching arrow forming in her hair as a copy of herself appeared in front of her, extending its hands as she ran and jumped towards it. Landing upon the projection's outstretched hands, she was immediately thrown upward, giving her the lift she needed to catch hold of one of the branches overhead. Spinning around it like a gymnast, she managed to flip up atop it, landing gingerly upon the limb and taking a moment to regain her balance before scrambling hastily upward, into the higher branches just outside the window. Finally, once she got on about the right level, she hopped over onto the windowsill, giving it an experimental tug to see if she could open it. Just her luck, it was locked, and everybody in the classroom seemed too distracted to notice her standing out there. She supposed she'd just have to open it herself. So, dismissing her existing copy, she replaced it with another, standing beside her on the windowsill. Then, she closed her eyes, remembering how she'd walked to school earlier that day, but had turned around when she heard a dog barking. The clone walked forward and, being intangible, phased right through the window's glass, before turning around. So far, so good. Next, she tried to recall and play back a time when she'd unlocked a window, but it took a few tries before she managed to recall a time when the lock had been placed the same as the lock on the window she was now trying to open. Fortunately, she managed it, and, watching her clone through the window to make sure that it stayed corporeal, she heard the lock click, and so together with her double pulled the window open to allow herself in, shutting it behind her as her copy faded from view and her eyes returned to normal. Walking over to her desk like the entrance she'd just made was completely normal in every way, she seated herself close to the window she'd entered through, directly behind a tall student with oddly green hair, and set about unpacking her things.

Motome Fumika's life at the Hero academy had officially begun.