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located in Youkai Street, a part of Youkai Street, one of the many universes on RPG.

Youkai Street

A town full of Youkai.


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Character Portrait: Susumu Character Portrait: Izumi Nao Character Portrait: Tsuyari Kazukai Character Portrait: Kyosuke 'Kyo' Andoh
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The sounds around her started to reappear again - probably the illusions wearing off. The laughing from the pub, the soft tunes of a flute playing and the water pouring from the fountain. With other words, the sounds of a living and flourishing little village stroking her ears in a surprisingly calming way.. It was really a mystery how the rumors said the village to be abandoned. Because in her eyes - it looked very well taken care off. The streets where clean and tidy, the houses where double stories and everything was built on the height. She had to admit it, it was a really cute and unique village.

“Not in our favor? There are only three possible answers, so we couldn’t possibly get it wrong.” Nao started to blush at the sudden realization. A part of her was truly impressed with Kyo actually using his brain instead of fists for once.. and the bigger part was just embarrassed that she'd missed something so simple - she blamed it on her confused state. Even so she sticked with her words. A quid pro quo would have ment she'd gotten the chance to ask this Susumu person a question. And maybe learn what kind of place this was - and more important what kind of people lived there. Unlike Kyo, Nao actually cared for Komorebi - her home village. And having these strange people live so close, was seen as a big threat in Naos eyes - the least she could do, for the sake of her younger siblings at least, was to find out who they where...

For a short moment, she actually considered to stay and talk with these crazy strangers. But then, a flying man and tails n ears -that was just to creepy to stay around for.. At least she knew their names. Susumu and Sanja. That was something. And it was more than these wierdos knew about her and Kyo. Because she was pretty sure that nether him nor her had called out each others names.. Or mentioned anything about looking for their friends.. Nao smiled to herself. Once again she was impressed over his sharp thinking.. Well maybe it was kind of obvious.. And it was really just this Susumu who was stupid... Or was he just very sure about himself? Nao felt a shiver moved through her body, there was something sneaky with him alright... She looked at her feet and twisted a lock of hair around her finger - being quite unsure about what to do.

The reaction from Kyo made her surprised but also a bit more relaxed. He seemed unbothered by the flying man and the tails and ears? She came to the conclusion that it was probably just she who'd seen it. So there was something wrong with her eyes after all! Puuh that was a relief, for a moment there - Nao had almost considered believing in her grandmothers stories... About a village filled with youkai creatures. But naaah - that could not be! They started walking again. Nao rubbed her eyes and blinked a few times. She just had to ignore her vision right now - because clearly it was failing her. Even if she would come across a flying pig - she was not going to believe her sight anymore - but had no choice other than to rely on Kyo who thankfully did not seem to suffer from the same illusions as she did.

The girl with blue hair had joined them. Making Nao stop again, feeling quite "threatened" by the situation since they did not seem to let them leave... Why couldn't they just go away? It was not like she and Kyo where especially interesting people. He was just a troublemaker and she was just a boring school prez. "Do you even know your way back...?" the blue haired girl's voice was a bit too cheerful. Nao raised her brown eyes to get a better look of the girl, and almost lost her breath. She found herself to be incapable of answering the question - and instead she just stood in silence looking at the dreamlike girl. ears... and tails... sure.. But also eyes who made the sea pale in comparison, and long shiny hair in the same intense blue color. Flawless skin with soft and appealing curves. Maybe Nao was jealous? Her mouth turned in to a small tense line, and she turned away her gace - now following the movements of the 5 tails (which she told herself not existed). Ofc she was jealous. Nao herself could probably wear a bikini and still not have any sex appeal what so ever. She would always be the strict and boring school prez - and looking at her from another view was just comical (as in : was never going to happen) ....

“You need to work on your act dude. You sound way too annoying to hold an audience.” Kyo voice sounded.
"How about you show how it's done then? Lead by example, no?"

If the circumstances had been different, she would definitely had laughed by the "blue" girl's second comment. This one seemed smarter than the other tall man -Susumu- at least. She really nailed Kyo there, but Nao still had to speak her mind. Not that she was defending Kyo, but because she really just wanted to get away from them. Even if all the warning signals inside Nao where shouting and ringing - she found some courage in the thought / hope of Sanae and the others being safe...

"It's not we who are trying to hold an audience here - but rather you who are trying to distract us from leaving - right?" She took a step forward, really just "testing them" to see their reactions. And find out if her premonitions where correct or not.
"Why is that?" Her voice was not rude or anything, just her polite, honest and brave leader speaking - curious of their intentions.