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located in U.A. High, Japan, a part of you can be a hero !, one of the many universes on RPG.

U.A. High, Japan



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Character Portrait: Naoki Castle Character Portrait: Motome Fumika
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Fumika rummaged through her bag, unpacking various notebooks and pencils. To be honest, she didn't really have any idea what sorts of things would be required for the Hero course, so she'd just brought everything she'd thought would be useful. Still, she wasn't really sure which of those things would be helpful. Except for Inaba, she corrected herself mentally. Speaking of whom, Fumika gently lifted the stuffed pink rabbit from where he'd been tucked away in a side-pouch of her bag, giving the fluffy toy a good squeeze to calm herself. She might not have looked tense, having just calmly walked in through a window, but, truth be told, she was only slightly less nervous now that she was past the point of no return than she had been when she left Haruka behind.

She wasn't sure how long she sat there, expressionlessly staring off into space as she idly hugged a pink stuffed rabbit to her chest. Truth be told, she sort of lost track, her attention wandering oh-so-slowly from one part of the classroom to another, before returning to a nearby tree. Its heart-shaped leaves fluttered slightly in the breeze, and her eyes slowly followed their movements back and forth as the air currents carried them to and fro.

...Wait, breeze? She was fairly certain she'd closed the window, and that there hadn't been any others open. So why was there a breeze? They were inside, right? Fumika cocked her head slightly to the side, pondering this curious realization.

Actually, come to think of it, that wasn't what she should have been asking. Before she asked about the wind, first she'd have to figure out why there was a tree inside.

She took a slight look down, and found herself face to face with somebody who seemed to have been talking to her. Somebody who had a tree growing out of his head. And arms. And legs. She'd been so busy staring at the back of his head that she hadn't really noticed him addressing her, and thus only caught the last few words he said.

"Call me Castle. I'm from Canada."

Fumika's head tilted a little further to the side. She remembered the word from a mandatory course she'd taken on English a few years prior. Castle. A fortress employed by medieval lords. The Japanese equivalent was Shiro. It was an interesting word.

"But it doesn't make sense," She said blankly, thinking out loud. "Castle doesn't look like a castle. He looks like a tree. But he said he was from Canada. Does that mean trees look like castles in Canada? Or maybe the word castle means something different there... Hmm..." She continued to ponder the odd clash between the boy's appearance and his name, squeezing her plushie Inaba tighter all the while, and never once seeming to speak to him directly. She had been looking at him at first, but bit by bit, like a cat pawing at a stalk of swaying grass, her gaze once again floated slowly upward, fixating on the leaves growing from the boy's scalp. Why were they fluttering back and forth like that without wind? Right, she couldn't start trying to make sense of another problem until she'd solved this one. Glancing further upward still, she tried to trace the source of the mysterious air current. Then, uttering a quiet "A-ha" she nodded sagely, finally understanding the mystery that had so baffled her.

"It's because of the air vents." Nodding to herself, the enigma unraveled at last, she turned her attention elsewhere. She'd been thinking about a name... Oh, right. He'd given her his name, and she hadn't yet introduced herself. "Oh. I was being rude again. Oops," She murmured to herself, before once again looking back to face Castle.

"Motome Fumika," She said simply, giving her name without any warning or introduction. Her blue eyes stared innocently back, bright with curiosity, but despite everything, her expression was still oddly blank. After all, a moment after she finished speaking, she remembered that he'd introduced himself as Castle, and that she hadn't figured out why he'd asked her to call him something that didn't seem to have anything to do with his appearance or anything. As a nickname, it was pretty strange.

...But then again, he'd said he was a foreigner, right? Maybe that was just his actual name. Huh. Thinking about it that way, it almost seemed too obvious.