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located in Youkai Street, a part of Youkai Street, one of the many universes on RPG.

Youkai Street

A town full of Youkai.


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Character Portrait: Susumu Character Portrait: Izumi Nao Character Portrait: Tsuyari Kazukai Character Portrait: Kyosuke 'Kyo' Andoh
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Just after stepping forward, Nao changed her mind. Susumu looked a bit too guilty, shushing his lips with his finger while smiling. Maybe she could sense the danger that was about to come. And these people did not seem normal after all - teasing them might not be so wise. Nao swallowed and watched the two strangers with a suspicious expression. Susumu seemed to be the weirdest.. but the blue haired girl could be unpredictable as well. She could not let her guard down..

What happened next proved her hunches to be correct. It was like all the color disappeared from her face as the other girl stepped forward as well. With the speed of light and without so much as a sound. Even tho she moved quick and smooth, it seemed like the scene was playing in slow motion. Blue long hair hoovering in the air in swinging movements and her 5 tails wagging. Nao had to face the fight, flight or freeze dilemma - and it was the latest who kicked in. Every muscle in her body turned useless and there was nothing she could do to fight back. She was not very familiar with physical touching and after all, the "blue"girl was an intruder in her precious comfort zone. Even tho she was a girl, she was too close. "Perhaps you two are interesting? Is it wrong to strike up conversations with tourists?" Nao did not comprehend the words, since her brain was currently occupied with a blue enchanting fog - swallowing her from the inside. The new riddle also missed her attention. Even Kyos voice calling her "friend" was something she (sadly) missed out on. A gentle pale hand was placed on her cheek and Nao could not help but to stare into those azure blue eyes, almost like she was hypnotized or magnetized by them.

Maybe this was some sick way to make fun of her, for being a prude and stuck up school prez? A prank. Why in heavens would she do this anyway? The beautiful face of the enemy came closer and closer until her lips where basically brushing against Nao's as she spoke. "Let's get to know each other better, hm?" Nao started to wake up. How about no, she thought to herself and was just about to break free and turn her head to the side when a couple of soft fingers traveled down her arm - creating goosebumps where their touch still lingered and giving Nao a shiver. She froze once again, and before she even knew it - her lips was glued together with the strangers lips - in a kiss! If Nao's eyes had been big in surprise before, it was nothing compared to how they looked now, almost like they would pop out of her head. A very distinct blush appeared on her cheeks and her body was as tense and stiff as a statue. Even so - her lips moved along with the stranger's - against her will. Slowly, a bit distant and "spaced- out" as she was numb and almost in a zombie-like state. Luckily, the girl retreated and the kiss ended.

"I'm Tsuyari, what might your name be? I'm pleased to make your acquaintance~" Nao was shocked! She'd just kissed - a girl! A part of her was furious for having something so precious "stolen" from her without her consent. But her main feeling was confusion, and her brain did not want to process and admit what just happened. So when the girl introduced herself and asked for their names - Nao was in a spaced out "numb" auto pilot mode. Still under the "spell" of blue girls lips. After sharing something so intimate as a kiss, a name would not be so serious? Her lips almost opened by themselves to answer the question.

"Im Izu....--" she felt a hard jerk in her arm as someone dragged her away before she could finish her sentence. "What the hell was that back there?! Is that your idea of ‘handling’ it?!Why in the world would you let her do that to you?!” It was Kyo, and he seemed angry. However, this was excatly what she needed to wake up from her paralyzed state. Nao shooked her head, her strawberry blonde straight and "dead" locks tickled all over her face before she could scoop it away with her free hand, the one that was not being held captive by Kyos firm grip. As he let go, she looked up to meet his gaze. Her brown eyes was foggy and she really looked traumatized. Far from the strict and prude school prez she used to be, it was almost hilarious.

"I mean… Ugh, look. I don’t care what your feelings are, but you just met that girl! Not to mention the creep vibes those guys were giving us… I don’t know about you, but my guts tell me that this place isn’t safe…"

Nao dragged her newly released arm to her, rubbing it gently as the sudden jerk and dragging still ached in her skin. Starting to get back to reality, she broke free from his blue eyes and gazed around her surroundings to notice how they where standing in front of a bar. "Rōzuu - ebu" the sign said, giving Nao a shiver. She closed her fist and raised her chin, collecting enough self control to answer her "friend" and explain her weird... actions.. She blushed just thinking about it, and how to put it in words. After a few seconds she felt ready to share.

"I have no such feelings, for your knowledge! And you don't say Sherlock... I suggest we get out of her. Tell our village council, and they will send out a search team for the others. Plus deal with these people as well. They don't seem.. normal. Cult members, circus people or just creepy. Whatever they are, maybe they will go to jail.. hopefully.. i dont feel safe having them so close to Komorebi"...

She rubbed her temples - feeling a slightly headache. This was just unreal. And even tho she should stay rational - her mind could not help but to think of her grandma's tales about the youkai village... Looking back at Kyo, she ignored those thoughts. IF they'd been youkai... He would have reacted? It was just Nao having illusions.. Simple as that.

"And i did certainly not kiss her, she kissed me!" Nao claimed while crossing her arms over her chest. "Whatever, I don’t even care. None of my business. Let’s just find those dweebs before they get abducted and get out of here. I’ve seen more than enough today. Don't worry Prez, your secret’s safe with me. Not that anyone would believe me." Nao twitched at his worlds giving him a sharp "warning" expression with narrow eyes, but did not bother to answer. Instead she reached down in the little pocket of her dress - pulling out her useless and very old cellphone.

"Maybe i can try calling the others... if they have their cell's with them ofc... huh?.. no signal?!" She mumbled, mainly talking to herself and bit her lip to prevent an annoyed sight from sounding.