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Michael Nott
Location: Auror Office -Ministry Level 8 l #067330l Aurors Office

Michael heaved a large sigh before finishing a very strong cup of tea in his office. Due to the shortage of manpower he was now solidly solidly amidst a triple shift - though the only real evidence would be a rippling inconsistency in his eye color until the drink reinvigorated him enough to force them back into their usual steely grey. Though he was grateful the extra extension of his labors was only to investigate the fire set to the muggle home. It was an affair that he had just finished filling out the paperwork for since he'd concluded his investigation. He fixedly stared at the mirror by his desk before finishing his dictation - magical equipment handling the more mundane tasks as he finished his final dictation.

" Given my earlier evaluation of the crime scene and the magics involved, I advise the dispatch of personnel from the Beast Division for the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures in addition to the standard cleaning of the sight and the management of Muggles in regards to memories and access to the crime scene until such time we've had a second analysis and properly removed all evidence that could breach secrecy protocol. Finish and Submit to Department Headquarters." With the completion of his sentence, an enchanted quill set itself down and the paper folded itself before taking off from his desk. At the same time, a package landed on his desk - the results of a second opinion of a sludge he'd submitted from a previous report. Michael skimmed the contents as a grin grew on his face - it'd taken him a year but his attempt at recreating Paracelsus sludge had been a success. Beneath the note - further detailing the substance as restricted due to its extremely toxic nature and potential Dark applications was the remainder of his labors. He hand copied the details of its toxicity: consume Bezoar immediately before opening and drink concoction - allows drinker to speak and understand Parseltongue for exactly one hour. Do not consume again for a month.

Michael replaced this note with the original since only the key details of legality and effects were necessary into the package before placing the order "Forward to Beast Division - lord knows they'll be able to use it." The package took flight off his desk and Michael glanced at the clock...back to work. He grabbed the cane by his desk and hoisted himself to his feet, checked the dueling bracer on his left arm - check and wand accounted for therein. One final check at appearance: grey steely eyes, head shaved clean and appearance in order - check on all accounts. Michael lifted his cane to step forward and reappeared in stride on the Eighth Level...even as a veteran he was being forced to attend the new Minister's little party.