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Location: Home - Ministry Level 8 | #75249a | Beast Division

In the tiny cottage in the middle of a remote forest Ravana Octavia Grimm stood staring at the free feathers floating about what use to be her living room and the pleading for mercy eyes of her Irish wolf hound Kitty. "You, my dear are so lucky today is an important day at work." she growled in her musical voice. Kitty's victim was a feather filled purpled velvet throw pillow that in no way could be repaid see as Kitty had apparently eaten the expensive cloth. With another stern look at her goofy dog the young woman stalked into home office to grab the repots she had been writing on the 'correct' way to handle certain magical creatures without harming them of ones self.

Long dark brown hair rolled down slender shoulders and back to tickle the small of her back which of course caused Ravana to stop and spin to her bedroom, in her rush to make breakfast as she had woken late, and then the diabolical with Kitty, she had forgotten to get dressed. Once in her room she pulled on tight black pants and a cream colored shirt which she paired with her favorite dark plum robe. Pulling her thick hair into a pony tail she quickly returned to grabbing the thick stack of papers. As she rushed out of her house she snapped at the broom and dust pan, "I expect all the feathers to be cleaned up when I return home." Unlike most Wizards and even Witches she knew Ravana preferred to fly then to use Floo powder and she cant use Apparition so broom it was.

Upon entering the Ministry and making it up to Level 8 she released a pint up breath. Ravana wasn't the first to show but she defiantly wasn't last. That was a major plus seeing as she had been nothing but late to work and important meetings sense she had started working here. Picking a seat next to a handsome looking man in yellow robes she quickly swept her eyes over the others in the room. Her hazel eyes were calculating, trying to match physical appearance to a Division. There was no doubt in her mind that the out of breath man in the blue robes would be with her in Beast the messy, slightly crazed look about him matched her own and it matched the look her Foster Father, who had been the Care of Magical Creatures professor at Hogwarts, had. The Yellow robed man though she was stuck between Auror or Department of Mysteries, he had a kinda stuffy air mixed with almost too relaxed nature she had seen on them before. Getting stuck frustrated Ravana and she soon grew bored with her game.

Location: Home - Ministry Level 8 |#003200 | Department of Mysteries

Having been studying the stars for the past five nights and casting different spells under it and making a multitude of potions Timothy had yet to discovering any proof to the old wives tale that the stars and constellations present changed the effect of the spell. As far as he has been able to deduce, the power is unchanged and no special effects have been present but he wasn't going to give up yet. Obviously something had happened in the past to create the story in the first place.

When Whisky cried from outside his tiny flats balcony door he got up to let her in and noticed the time. Three hours before his first day, with a quick flick of his wand he had his apartment immaculate once again. Tugging on the cuffs of his navy blue button up and dusting his tan slacks he pushed up his glasses and headed to his bedroom for his wand and robe. Timothy, having been called cold all his life, was very minimalistic. Not caring for much except for his owls, his cat, his studies, and his appearance. The forest green robes brought out the hints of warmth and humor in his eyes and he quickly said goodbye to his loyal pets, the only things that seemed to really love him as he was.

It didn't take long for him to arrive promptly and hour and half early, he was the first person in the room. Choosing a seat three rows in and directly in the center. This would allow him to take in all the arrivals and see the speaker clearly. He enjoyed watching as everyone entered, the women in their soft robes that seemed to shimmer over the bodies, men in slightly uncared for robes. It was all very interesting for him. A small smile quirked up his lips, "Yes." he thought, "I am going to enjoy working here."

Location: Home - Ministry Level 8 | #0d4950 | Obliviator

The four bedroom house in the suburbs was should have been quite, would have been quite had Victory not woken by her father telling it was six. Suddenly she was wide awake and rushing to get ready, because of the houses big size and the fact that it was almost empty of everything but necessities the sounds echoed. A quick shower, tripping over her dog Pepper, somehow managing to fall while putting on her under pants all happened in a matter of ten minutes. A cream colored skirt that reached her knees, a pale mint blouse and her teal colored robes went over.

Victory's cream heels made a little clicking sound as she hurried down to breakfast, grabbing a piece of toast as she brushed out her hair and left the damp auburn locks to dried as they pleased. Turning a look on her obviously amused she stuck out her tongue. "Don't laugh, don't you dare." she growled while finished her toast and grabbing her bag, making sure she had everything she needed including her wand and some paperwork and dashed off to the old fashioned fireplace her father had hand built in the backyard when she was in her 6th year. It was hidden from her neighbors but it allowed her to comfortably travel by Floo sense the fireplace in the house was to small to crawl into.

Grabbing a fistful of dust she got into the fireplace and saw her dad watching from the house, mouthing good bye Victory waved and dropped the dust while saying the Ministry. Arriving right on time she ran up the stairs to Level eight and entered the room as unflustered as possible. Sitting next to the blue robed man she smiled softly, still slightly out of breath.