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Locaton - The Baumont Manor | Ministry of Magic Level 8

Alis usually rose with the Sun, as soon as the first rays of light hit the windows of her bedroom she could no longer sleep. Stretching her arms over her head she released a gentle sigh. Her cat was at the foot of the bed still asleep on the smooth satin sheets. Alisia slipped out of the bed, threw on a silk robe and descended to the dining room. Even on the hottest of days, and it seemed todaywas going to be sweltering, the manor had a brisk feel to it, maybe it was the thick stone walls and maybe it was the emptiness.

Alisia sat alone at the table, she couldn't remember the last time more than three people sat at the table meant for twelve. The house elves brought out her breakfast and coffee. She ate alone in silence, the only sounds being her chewing of the croissant and the elves skittering around.

After the most uneventful breakfast Alis returned to her room in order to get ready. She was greeted by Persephone's meowing "Well well look who finally decided to wake up." Alis petted the cat and she responded by purring softly. "I can't stay and pet you all day, some of us have work to do." With a gentle smile she scolded the cat for laying around doing nothing all day.

Half an hour later Alis was ready, some eyeliner, a nude lip, simple but stylish black robes and her wand. Deciding against apparition in order not to mess up her hair she said goodbye to Persephone, approached the fire place and threw the floo powder.

Moments later she was at the Ministry. She was early enough so she slowly made her way to the Atrium. The food didn't interest her much and she didn't particularity care about the speech the Minister was going to make but it was obligatory to be here so she chose a seat near the back. There she could keep an eye on everything that's going on.

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Locaton - Home | Diagon Alley | Ministry of Magic Level 8

"Shh." - "How dare you shush me?" - "Will the two of you be quiet, you'll wake him."
From the bed Evan could hear the faint noise of voices but he was far to tired to unscramble what they were saying. He was up all night brewing potions and just wanted a bit more time to rest so he ignored the sounds and tried to sink back to sleep.
"Come on just put it on his head." - "No, he's gonna feel it and wake up." - "Just put it anywhere before he does."
He could feel something being placed onto his chest and moments later a piercing screech woke him from slumber. Evan's eyes shot open and he quickly sat up, the bowl that was placed on his chest turned over and it's contents spilled into his lap. The young man furrowed his brows in confusion, why was there owl food all over his bed? A quick scan of the room clarified the situation, his siblings were up to no good. Mina and Zane were giggling as Ariel brought Cashew, the world's meanest owl, into the room.

Evan washed his face and looked at the mirror sighing, he scratch on his chin stopped bleeding but it was not a pretty sight. Having absolutely no talent for healing magic Evan opted for a band-aid, he couldn't risk completely rearranging his face for his first day at work. He quickly changed from his pajamas into a grey tweed suit, green button-down and matching robe his mother said would be appropriate workware.

He descended to find the kitchen in complete chaos. Evan's mother and aunt were cooking what seamed to be a meal for fifty people, pots, pans, spatulas and other utensils were flying all over the kitchen, Zane was chasing Mina for Merlin knows what reason all while Mina's cat tried to climb onto the table and steal a piece of ham. There wasn't much time for breakfast so Evan simply downed a cup of tea. "Look at you all dressed up for work." Narin commented. "You look more prim and proper than the Minister himself." She added through laughter. "Mom picked it out, I think this tie will suffocate me before I even make it to the Ministry. Evan grunted. Narin chuckled and wished him luck. His mother gave him a proud kiss on the cheek and he was off.

One apparition later and he was at the Ministry of Magic. Evan loosened or at least attempted to loosen his tie, fixed the band-aid on his chin and headed for Level Eight. He wasn't late but there were already quite a few people at the Atrium he seemed to recognise a few faces from his time at Hogwarts. Would it be more awkward if I sit next to a stranger or someone I might have talked to once in school? Decisions, decisions. Luckly for Even there were enough empty the seats for him not to sit next to anyone.