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Snippet #2691967

located in U.A. High, Japan, a part of you can be a hero !, one of the many universes on RPG.

U.A. High, Japan



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Character Portrait: Naoki Castle Character Portrait: Motome Fumika
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"People call me Castle because that is my name."

Obvious or not, that was apparently the case. It was a strange name, but it sounded nice. People often told Fumika that her name was strange, too, but she didn't really know why. Just because it wasn't used often didn't mean it didn't suit her, so why was it strange?

"Oh, yeah, there are vents here," Castle said, causing Fumika to momentarily wonder what he was talking about. They'd been talking about names, right? Oh, but she'd been thinking about air vents... Maybe he had read her mind? No, that was silly. She'd probably just been thinking out loud again. Probably. She supposed it was possible that there might be a Quirk to read minds, but since his Quirk seemed to have to do with trees, she doubted he'd have such an ability. Who'd ever heard of a tree that could read minds?

"Feels nice, actually." Castle gave a slight grin, cocking his head to one side and sending the leaves that covered it fluttering about. Was the breeze there really that nice? Fumika tried doing the same, tilting her head in perfect mimicry of his own movement, but all that really happened was her bangs flopped down over her eyes, causing her to fumble about, trying to clear her vision. Yet, in another moment, a faint jolt of energy ran down each strand of her hair, causing her bangs to instantaneously puff outward on either side, while a single lock of hair atop her head shot straight up, as though pointing at the ceiling.

Still smiling ever-so-slightly, the plantlike young man extended a wooden hand, saying he was pleased to meet her. Fumika placed a finger to her lips, wondering what she'd done that had pleased him. She couldn't venture a guess, however, and also couldn't help but notice that he wasn't retracting his outstretched hand. Did he want her to shake it? She shied slightly away, not entirely comfortable with touching somebody she'd only just met. Touching people left weird imprints on her particle shell. It felt like they were wrapping around her, crawling all over her, even after she let go. It was different for people she cared about, since then it was like their hugs became a blanket, but in this sort of situation...

He still wasn't drawing his hand back. This was bad. She was being rude again, wasn't she? She had to shake his hand, but didn't want to touch him directly. In that case, maybe a proxy would suffice? She held up Inaba in front of her face, the stuffed pink rabbit staring back at the likely confused young man sitting in front of her. Then, gently puppeteering one of its rounded, plush paws, she placed it within Castle's grasp and gave it a slight shake.

That much was safely done, but Fumika couldn't help but feel like she was forgetting something. Oh, right. Haruka had told her some magic words to use in situations like this, right? Haruka knew a lot about how to talk to other people, so if she just followed her advice, Fumika was sure that she wouldn't be seen as rude. Haruka's words would help her make friends for sure! So, she lowered Inaba, drew back her head, and recited them dutifully.

"Nice to meet you!" She spoke with an enthusiasm not her own, at the same time lowering her head in a deep bow.

Her face collided with the desk with a dull thud. Oh. Right. There'd been something in front of her. Did this mean she'd messed up? And it had seemed so simple... She sighed, the lock of hair atop her head wobbling unsteadily from one side to the other as the current through her hair slowly re-asserted itself. Too preoccupied fussing over her clumsiness, she didn't bother so much as sitting up again.