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He was finished with his pep talk. There was something about speaking to ones self that Minister Leach found very relaxing. He made sure his hat was on straight once more before he took a breath and was expelling the breath in the next instant in front of the large podium. The kind assistants at the Ministry had given him a stood to stand on and he adjusted his stance for a moment before gazing at the crowd. He felt his heart sink a little as the chairs were barely filled, but he forced a smile upon his face and lifted his wand to his throat.

Leach was well known for his soft spoken voice and so despite his close proximity to his new workers he still needed a spell to ensure it reached even the furthest seats. "Ahem... It is such a pleasure to speak to you at last. I have been looking forward to this day since the concept was brought to action. Now as you know there has been a recent protest within the Ministry against my heritage." He paused for a moment sweeping his eyes over the crowd looking for any signs of emotion. His hand felt a little sweaty upon his wand and he tightened the grip upon the Oak. "I can assure you that despite my origin of birth I have wanted nothing but good for the Ministry from even before the start of my term. It is my great hope that with your help we can perhaps change the minds of those who have yet to open their minds to the concept of an equal wizarding world, and so with each of you will be tasked to not only work for your department but to also join the occasional squad."

These Squads will be tasked not only to seek out those causing harm in society but to also reward those with a more forward way of thinking."
Nobby sincerely hoped that didn't sound as communist as he felt it had sounded. He sighed a little and continued, "I love the wizarding world. With all my heart, and I wish to see everyone safe and comfortable to not only learn magic but also to perhaps create more." His wand moved away from his throat and he conjured a large blackboard. White chalk cursive began to appear on the board and Nobby continued.

"On this board I have written each of your names and your level as well as department. I ask that you head there immediately and make yourselves known. The Ministry has its hands full no question, therefore it is reasonable to expect a task right away. Many of your departments will be sent out with other departments members. So it is a good idea to get yourselves acquainted with as many as you can." There was another long pause as his sad eyes scanned the crowd and then he said "The Ministry thanks you." And with that final word he vanished back to his office.

Location: Home - Ministry Level 8 | #7ed4af | Assistant to the Minister for Magic

As more and more people filtered into the room Gwen felt herself holding tight to her arms. There was something about crowds that was so unsettling. There was faint click of wood against tile and her eyes flicked towards a man she was certain already worked for the ministry. There was something a little familiar about him, her eyes stayed on him for a moment. Then she forced herself to look away.

Among the others there were certainly a few faces that had been at school with her but she had never bothered to learn their names. "Names in school are unimportant. Remember the names of charms in stead. Use your brain wisely" Her mother had said to her in a letter once while she was still at school. Sighing a little Gwen forced herself to lean back. Just as she did the Minister appeared before them. He waited for people to settle for a moment before starting his speech.

As she listened Gwen couldn't stop her thoughts from drifting to her parents. She was certain they would have walked out of his speech. Her parents, being the elitists they were would not stand for the idea of equality. She forced herself to focus on the now rather than her parents and when the Minister was finished she stood and went to double check on the board where she was going.

She held her bag to her tightly and when she was sure of her location she stepped away before it got too crowded by the board. She somehow managed by the man with the cane and deciding it would be rude not to say hello she offered her hand in a polite handshake.
"Hello, I'm Gwen Andrews. I'm sorry but you seem a little familiar. Have I seen you at a gathering at my Parents estate?"

Location: Ministry Level 8 | #daa520 | Aurors Office

ALex found himself a seat with his plate. He had a few items left on it and was munching happily on a cookie. He was considering saying hello to a few of the folks that had already arrived but there was something in the atmosphere that made it abundantly clear that everyone wanted nothing to do with one another. People were grabbing seats away from everyone else and he sighed wondering if he would make any friends with the attitude being like this.

Just as he was wondering a lovely looking woman sat next to him. He offered her a kind smile and a soft hello just as the Minister appeared at the podium. He settled back in his chair and listened with interest as the Minister spoke of equality. Being a muggle born himself Alex found he hoped for the same sort of future. He munched quietly as he listened and near the end of the Minister's speech he noticed he had a single cookie left.

As the minister ended and vanished Alex leaned forward and looked towards his neighbor. "Hey there, I'm Alex. Want the last cookie?" He offered the plate with the single cookie to her, rather than a traditional handshake. "I'm starting out as an Auror today." He told her cheerfully. "Where about did you end up?" He felt he didn't need to check to board the minister had helpfully put up and instead decided to focus on what Leach had asked. He would make himself known to everyone he could.

Location: Ministry Level 8 | #4f7c19 | Beast Division

Elias was still panting as another woman sat next to him, she also seemed rather out of breath and he chuckled a little. "I'm sure the ministry will have us in tip top shape in no time." He looked down at his tummy and found he had lost himself a little. Sitting a writing tended to make one a little out of shape for sure. She smiled at him and he returned the grin. He was about to introduce himself when suddenly the minister appeared. Elias settled back into his seat and listened carefully.

He found the speech to be a little demeaning towards pure-bloods but supposed the subject that had brought them together was that of inequality and therefore it was prudent to focus on the crowd being pushed aside. Still he wished perhaps the Minister would have said a few things differently. When the board appeared and the Minister left Elias stood and offered his hand to the woman next to him.
"Elias Coleman, Beast Division." He said a-matter-o-factly. "Pleasure to meet you." He mentally cheered himself on for the way he spoke and hoped it didn't come off at too forward.