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Michael Nott
Location:Ministry Level 8 l #067330l Aurors Office

Michael took no heed to the words the Minister was speaking since politics didn't interest him much. Instead he surveyed the crowd with its various assortment of faces familiar,unfamiliar and a few a felt should be more or less in one direction than he could currently place. The speech was thankfully short so he was able to lean on the cane instead of actually sitting down and such extra motions and cautions it'd require. When the speech finished, Michael opted to stay in place short of some shifting in the crowd since there were people he needed to talk but still found himself somewhat trapped by the flow of the crowd. As he was trying to reevaluate his course of action one of the faces that he felt he should place but couldn't directly approached and provided and introduction of Gwen Andrews. Typical of pure blood upper crust, he could place the name and recognized the vague familiarity - both of their families were rather ardent on the importance of blood in wizardry. To properly return the handshake, he shifted his cane to his other hand.

" Michael Nott, so you're probably correct. Glad to see mine isn't the only family that recognizes our duty is to keep the Ministry stable regardless of the Minister." Michael couldn't help but leek a bit of disdain on the word Minister but couldn't explain his distaste for the man in asked.

" Miss Andrews would you happen to know to which group you were assigned? Pardon if I'm being rather abrupt but unfortunately I find myself slaving away due to short staff so I'll have to trouble you with my pace of things if you wish to chat - fire to muggle homes, proper clean up et cetera. I find myself in need of some Beast Division and another Auror for proper clean up and inspection." Michael had spoke a bit more than he intended, and couldn't quite keep the exhaustion from his tone at the end. However he'd managed to finally stand stalk still due to Gwen being in such proximity.