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Location: Ministry Level 8-Beast Division | #75249a | Beast Division

A bight smile graced Ravana's face, "How lovely, a cookie." she laughed while picking it up and taking a small bite. She eyes wondered briefly and her eyebrows furrowed slightly, she had been told she was needed at the meeting because she was to greet the newest additions to the Beast Division that every group was sending someone but yet she only saw a handful of 'veterans' about. Turning back to Alex she once again graced him with a smile, "Ravana, I've been with the Ministry for the past four years. I'm in the Beast Division. I'm 90% sure I was sent here because my supervisor is still upset I accidently released an Pixiu in the office. Not sure why he was so upset, there known for bringing luck..." she stated cheerfully. Standing to her full height of 5'2ft tall she brushed the crumbs off her pants. Doing a quick check that her almost overly long wand was in its in her robe pocket she smiled her good bye before heading toward Michael.

"Your being rude again Michael, I could hear you from where I was sitting." Ravana scolded in a professional but friendly manner " Any ways, what do you need help with? she asked, she was much less bubbly around him then she was around others. Turning to the girl before he could respond, "I'm Ravana Grimm. Your an Andrews if I remember correctly, we went to Hogwarts together." the statement was bubbled with cheerfulness that wasn't there when Ravana greeted Michael.

Though she was focused on the pair she had greeted her eyes had wandered to the messily blue robed man who was sitting with young lady in teal. Obliviator. Her mind decided on immediately focusing on her before moving back to the man, sooner or later she knew she would have to greet him. Probably give him a tour of their division sense her supervisor sent her as the greeter, yeah. It was going to be a long day of smiling.

Location: Ministry Level 8 |#003200 | Department of Mysteries

Looking around him noticed several people talking so Timothy stood up to study the board. "Ophelia Kate"he said in his normal tone, flinching when his voice bounced off the walls and caused several people to turn toward him. A pink wave colored his checks before he schooled his features and they returned to normal, he hadn't meant to say her name so loud, he hadn't actually meant to say it out loud at all. He had just wanted to know the other people in his Divisions name.

Timothy turned slowly to watch the people in the room, noticed a prim and proper young lady talking to an older gentleman which of course caused him to wonder if the man was new like himself or was a senior in his department coming to greet the new faces. The second girl to walk over seemed far to cheerful for his liking but he noticed how she seemed comfortable around the man. It meant they knew each other. Senior workers then, coming to greet the newbies it seems.

Letting his eyes rove he by passed several other people, he took little notice in the man in the yellow robes whos plate had been full earlier, past the striking woman in black robes and the somber young man in grey with a bandage on his chin, past the blue robed man and the sweet but cold faced teal robed woman only to land on the young woman of Asian decent if her features were to be a hint. It was hard to miss her, those scarlet robes and all but he found a smile creep on to his face before he wiped it away. It was time to find his way to his new work space.

Location: Ministry Level 8 | #0d4950 | Obliviator

"Victory James" Victory responded in her soft voice, it was hard to hear it over the chatter in the room but sense he was right next to her he shouldn't have to much trouble, clearing her throat "Obliviator." she tried to say louder and succeeded. Smiled at the proud look on his face, obviously he was just as social as she which would make this a very proud moment, at least for her.

"It is also my pleasure to meet you." she responded, her voice was silky with truth but this was becoming tiring even though it had only been a few words. Victory wasn't use to socializing and she found it difficult to think of things to say. [color=#0d4950]"I should go see where I am to report to. I will probably see you around. Yes?" she stated but ended in a question. He really did seem nice and her father had said not to long ago she needed to get use to people. That she needed to get out more. When she had been reporting the muggle news things had been so easy. A script to follow, no nonsense just questions and answers not chit chat and no asking how they were.

Giving him one last look she stood to her full height of 5'6ft tall and gave him the smallest glimmer of a smile and headed toward the board where the dark green robed man was moving away from.