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Location: Home - Ministry Level 8 | #7ed4af | Assistant to the Minister for Magic

His handshake was firm and exactly the right length that one might expect from a person of social standing. Gwen remembered to keep her shoulders straight and despite her small stature she did her best to appear at ease yet regal. Something her mother was quite accomplished in. She nodded as Mr. Nott spoke of the stability of the Ministry.
"It is my hope to help in anyway I can." He asked her where she was assigned and rambled off a few positions that he needed and she blinked at him with her soft green eyes. "I am to be assistant to the Minster himself but I would be happy to help you find whom you are looking for."

She turned on her heel and gazed over the small crowd. It seemed however that her help was not required as a a dark haired woman approached them followed by the yellow robed man she had been speaking with. She accused Nott of being rude and Gwen couldn't fathom how the brunette had come to that conclusion. They were after all at work. She asked Nott what he needed help with and then turned to introduce herself to Gwen.

The woman's tone changed to a far more welcoming one as she introduced herself as Ravana and commented that they had indeed been at school together. Gwen gazed closely at the woman and then nodded. "Yes I am. I'm Gwen. I do remember you." She said. "It is good to see you again. Now it seems I am in the way." She said glancing towards Nott. She excused herself and said farewell to Ravana.

Free of the small group she breathed a small sigh of relief. She took a moment to herself, to compose and ready herself for her next group chat when suddenly a small paper airplane poked her in the shoulder. She reached for it and it unfolded itself in her hands. Quickly scrawled writing was upon the yellow paper.

Miss Andrews, if you would please gather a personal from the Accidental Magic Reversal Squad and visit me in my office.
Minister Leach

Ok... She thought to herself, time to get to work. She glanced at the board and saw there was a man of the name of Evan whom was exactly whom she was looking for. "Evan Karim!?" She forced herself to speak loudly and clearly. "Is there an Evan Karim here?"

Location: Ministry Level 8 | #daa520 | Aurors Office

Alex set down the small plate on the chair next to him after Ravana had taken to cookie. The plate seemed to vanish in a small poof of paper dust. She introduced herself and where she was working and Alex nodded. Ravana seemed to be looking everywhere at once as she spoke and he snorted a little as she revealed as to why she was down here with all of the newbies. He was trying to think of something witty to say in return but it seemed she and he both overheard the same conversation.

An older looking man was speaking to a younger woman asking for Beast Division and Auror office. Figuring the two were already together, Alex decided to follow despite her wishing farewell to him. Ravana introduced herself to the woman who he came to learn was Gwen and the man was Micheal. "I don't mean to interrupt but I am assigned to the Auror office sir." He wondered if the sir was a bit pompous but rolled with it. The man had a cane after all.

"What ever you need I think I should be able to help. I'm Alex Gallagher" He gave the man a confidant smile.

Location: Ministry Level 8 | #4f7c19 | Beast Division

Elais learned the woman's name to be Victory and he found it rather suited her. She had a soft voice but he got the sense she too was a little out of practice with human interaction. He nodded when she said she needed to see where she was assigned to and when she asked him if she would see him around he gave her a smile.
"Count on it. Good luck with your first day." He lifted a hand in farewell and then turned to look around. He felt a little lost in the big place and found himself looking up the long way to the top of the ministry. Eight Levels of hard workers above him.

He hoped to do his job proud. Still unsure of what to do he noticed a dark haired woman sitting in the back. She wore dark robes yet managed to make them look quite elegant. Seeing she was also alone he felt the need to speak to her. Call it an act of desperation or just to make it seem like he was busy. He slid up next to her and coughed a little awkwardly to get her attention.
"Uh hey there. I'm Elias Coleman. Are you new today too?" Ok well it wasn't too bad, he told himself.