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Michael Nott
Location:Ministry Level 8 l #067330l Aurors Office

Gwen's assignment to working directly with Minister prompted an approving nod from Michael - at the very least he felt the station was adequate. It also meant he could potentially skip a bit of waiting time by directly informing Gwen of the crime scene...until an all to familiar voice chimed in. Were it anyone but Ravana,he'd have a scathing retort...but this was effectively one of their patterns when they interacted so he remained silent while the women talked. Unfortunately, he wasn't able to skip his waiting period on the response to his report as Gwen promptly left. Just out of playful spite Michael threw a look at his remaining coworker as if to ask for what reason did she scare off the other.

"Magical Arson-" Michael's attempt at a quick explanation was interrupted as a pretty boy identified as Alex showed up claiming to be an Auror as well. Michael couldn't keep a hint of skepticism from showing on his face since the younger man didn't look like he'd gone through the three year training. After a quick yet silent display of profanity Michael spoke properly again.

" Alex I hope you can analyze a crime scene because I've an Arson case - nothing left of the building and interior but ash. Officially speaking, I've already filed a report but am not at full credibility given our...shortage of manpower." Sensing if he kept talking like this he'd earn another remark from Revana, Michael quickly glanced in her direction before continuing in a less harsh tone.

"So I need a second Auror to analyze the scene while there's enough magic left to scan both to validate my report and provide the insight of a fresh set of eyes. Revana, as to the best I can determine we have a case of various Fire-Making Charms later blasted to bits with FiendFyre need no further elaboration save maybe four hours have passed since. However, this inhibits clean up and we may need an extra clean up crew and Memory Modification based on your assessment." Michael made no effort to keep his tone down as various people moved around the new trio. Partly because he was fishing for another experienced crew member and partly because if any complications did occur if should have started within the past hour or so. If that was the case...he'd need a lot more hands.