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Location: Ministry Level 8 | #75249a | Beast Division

Looking at the retreating back of Gwen, Ravana's eyebrows furrowed. She did not mean to make the girl leave or to be a discomfort to her, quickly hiding her own discomfort though she caught Michael's look. "Don't give me that look, I didn't mean for her to leave. I hardly said ten words to her." she defended herself, her normally large smile nothing but a soft quirk of the lips and her bubbly voice was smooth from being comfortable. The change in the young woman was large enough for strangers to notice but most wouldn't believe it was from a professional friendship but would think she disliked him and unsure was acting cold.

When Alex joined them Ravana's body very subtly tensed and her smile grew in greeting. "Ah, of course! I should have thought to invite you over to meet Michael Nott. He is a Veteran in the Auror's. What is it, sixteen years? Sometimes I forget how old you are!" she bantered easily.

After listening to Michael she became more serious, her face became a blank mask of thought. If one watched her closely you could almost see Ravana's thoughts as she quickly thought through what he had said. Snapping her fingers at a random wizard passing by she got his attention."You, I don't care what division you are in or if you were told to go somewhere else, I need you to retrieve the girl walking toward the board in real robes. Yes, go now." the command came with a smile but the scrawny witch jumped to do as she was bid.

Turning her steady gaze back to Michael and Alex she looked almost somber which is odd when mixed with her every present smile though much smaller than normal."We need an Obliviator, memory charms are not a strength of mine, which I believe she is and we know how well I can guess where people belong." she laughed quickly,"Has there been an in depth inspection of the ashes? If not we should go quickly, especially if the FiendFyre burned itself out. It is known for creating Ashwinders and though I love beasties, these are not ones that should be allowed to run rampant. They only live for an hour but their eggs can and will burn anything they come in contact with." the few other senior staff members in the room looked at the trio curiously because during her small speech Ravana's voice had stopped low, no longer was it chipper and there was no hint of her normal facade. This was the professional Beast Agent hardly anyone saw.

When the mousy witch returned with the one in teal, Ravana simply waved a hand to dismiss her while turning to the girl in teal. "Your an Obliviator, yes? How good are your memory charms dear?" she asked with a brief kind smile.

Location: Ministry Level 8 | #0d4950 | Obliviator

Victory had been delayed getting to the board by running into a few familiar faces from her days at Hogwarts. This had strained her socializing skills to the breaking point but she had managed to keep a smile on her face, "Excuse me... But I was sent to take you to meet those people..." a meek voice said to Victory, Turing she saw a mousy witch who couldn't seem to meet anyone in the eyes, her shaking arm pointed to a trio of people. An older man with a cane, a younger man in rumbled yellow robes, and a young woman in purple Victory could have sworn never stopped smiling sense she had noticed the girl earlier seemed to never not have one but now she appeared quite irritated.

Nodding her consent Victory followed the mousy witch only upon joining the group to see the one in purple wave the girl away and focus on herself. Two rapid paced questions came which made Victory loose composer for a moment her mouth opening and shutting quickly as her brain processed the questions.

"Yes, I'm an Obliviator. And personally I believe that they are quite good. They are one of the top reasons I was recruited." she said simply and was seemingly praised by a smile and a nod before the younger girl turned to the older male with an raised eyebrow as if to ask him something. "By the way, sense didn't ask, my name is Victory James." she snapped slightly, she didn't like feeling like a brand new tool that was about to be tested, and was exactly how she felt at the moment.