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Michael Nott
Location:Ministry Level 8- Arson Crime Scene l #067330l Aurors Office

Michael reflexively nodded in affirmation when Ravana brought up his age and time at work. However in stark contrast to her darkening visage while she digested his quick report, his own facial features relaxed. After all, if she was getting serious he'd definitely made a good call in skipping channels. If he had to describe his mood change it would be the assurance of having a professional handling a task form of comfort.

However when she snapped to action - ordering another bystander to summon someone along with mentioning her rather frightening aptitude of guessing departments (he'd yet to see her be wrong since they'd become acquainted). While slow, his face slowly formed a grin during her information dump since it appeared this wouldn't be a boring extension of his shift after all. The arrival of the Obliviator only made things easier since it lightened the group load. Though in his opinion the extra attitude wasn't needed.

"It's a pleasure Miss James; Michael Nott, the gentleman is Alex and the lady is Ravana. Unfortunately, time isn't exactly on our side due to the situation and lack of manpower the Ministry is experiencing so you'll have to forgive a bit of rudeness" His smile not disappearing in the least, the Auror continued while putting his arms forward.

"Given I'm the only one who's been on sight I'll handle the Apparation. Brief history: 4 hours ago I arrived on scene no more than 15 minutes after suspects left and there was naught but ash and magical residue as I spent 1.5 hours investing before calling in containment squad to ensure site stays untouched. They arrived within 5 minutes and when i left the ashes were still glowing." Michael through a quick glance around the group before continuing.

"So individually: Alex have your wand at the ready since we don't know what we're going to see-but you're going to be the first to respond to anything there; and when you investigate residue you'll have to compensate for that amount of time. Victory if you'd kindly prepare for memory modification up to five hours in length please - I filed official reinforcement before the Minister's speech so it can be easily an hour until they show up. Ravana is effectively in charge as of this moment as officially speaking I'm currently unfit to lead in this situation but shall support best I can." Soon as he determined Disapparation was possible with the group, Michael drew everyone with him into his Apparation towards the ashes of the former house.