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Dialogue - #7E64A1 || Ministry Of Magic Level 8

Having zoned out slightly after the Minister's speech, she felt everyone get up and start chatting around her but decided to stay seated. She looked around to see if there was anyone of particular interest, noticing a striking witch in black robes Ophelia wondered whether to approach her, she seemed rather intriguing. However, just as she had made up her mind to at least be a bit social, a slightly sweaty wizard in a set of seemingly very well loved robes. While maybe on a good day she would still have approached and talk to the group, Ophelia didn't particularly feel like a group conversation and instead stayed seated, watching everyone else talking.

Her eyes locking onto a rather large group of wizards and witches, Ophelia's gaze fell onto a man that while not too old, seemed far more experienced and elder than anyone else in the room. Watching as he gathered the others to him, the man and his group promptly apparated to somewhere. Ophelia had no idea what was going on there but she was certainly interested. Wondering if anyone else in the room might know of what happened, Ophelia stands and skims the crowd.

It's then she's startled by her name being called ever so loudly. Turning her head to where she had heard her name being called from, Ophelia noticed a rather tall wizard in deep green robes, flushing ever so slightly. Deciding to see what it was he wanted, Ophelia glanced at the board on her way over and figured he must be the other person assigned to the Department of Mysteries. Timothy Silver. Ophelia committed that name to memory before finding herself stood in front of the blushing wizard.

"Hello, I'm Ophelia." She greeted, her voice rigid and calm, typical for the girl. "You must be Timothy, right?" She asks, hoping that she wasn't wrong - that would be rather awkward. While waiting for a response, Ophelia glances toward the door and wonders how long it'd take her to get to her department. She hoped she wouldn't get lost.

Deciding that she should actually be making her way there, she extends an invite to Timothy, hoping that he was in fact the fellow she'd assumed he was. "I think I'll be heading to my department now," Ophelia begins, smiling ever so softly at him, "Would you care to join me?" She didn't mind what his answer would be, but slightly hoped he'd accept. She'd like to know a familiar face from her department before entering. While the Department of Mysteries had always excited Ophelia, she also felt like her first day there could be rather unhinging and she honestly wasn't one hundred percent sure what to expect.