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located in London 1962, a part of Ministry of Magic, one of the many universes on RPG.

London 1962



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Character Portrait: Ravana O. Grimm Character Portrait: Timothy P. Silver Character Portrait: Alex Gallagher Character Portrait: Ophelia Katō Character Portrait: Victory M. James Character Portrait: Michael Nott
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Location: Level 8-Arson Crime Scene| #75249a | Beast Division

Ravana was once again smiling, hiding the slightly cold personality she had just shown, her eyes though were cold with concentration. "At this point I don't care Ms. James, we have a emergency. Ashwinders can burn an entire city down if their eggs are left unattended." she said, her voice happy in a snarky way. Almost sharp with forced pleasantry, turning back she focused on Michael her lips sharply twisting down when he mentioned Apparation. It wasn't pleasant experience for her. "Oh Yay!" she giggled and clapped her hands, "I'm the leader." she said playfully before they aparated.

Stumbling upon contact with the arson scene Ravana quickly righted herself and was back to business. Though the fire was out and most embers were put out her sharp eyes quickly found seemingly random splotches of red. "Bloody hell, really." she stated right before an explosion of igniting Ashwinder eggs which was accompanied by the screams of muggle civilians, which hadn't surprise Ravana because not only had she spotted the eggs next to the gas line and as 'luck' had it one of her few published pieces theorized that the eggs actually became brighter as the aged. It was just unlucky that particular batch of eggs had been laid next to on gas pipe. "Protego!" was a quick command as shrapnel started to rain down on the group.

"So, I suggest first Ms. James to start charming the witnesses and we start freezing eggs. Bag them up, they are useful. Glacius" she told them almost chipper the preceded to blast a close by nest. "Also, once the eggs are frozen I would highly recommend taking any samples you need Michael of the ash and soaking it down. Though typically only born out of a uncontrollably magic fires embers, it's never a bad idea to be safe. she told the group. As she started moving carefully through the ash and rubble. Her wand gracefully swished through the slight breeze hit nest after nest of the coal like eggs.

"Michael, I think we might have a bigger problem then Ashwinders." Ravana called out. Looking out to the crowd she could see faces of men and women that she use to know before they left the Ministry. "I think, they wish to make us some sort of... Message." the smirk on her lips seemed to be the opposite response the crowd of ex Co workers wished but Ravana simply quickly finished her job of freezing eggs and collecting them in a bag.

"We should leave soon, I don't wish to deal with an angry mob today. My supervisor is already displeased with me." she said with a smile, as if her statement wasn't odd at all.

Location: Ministry Level 8 |#003200 | Department of Mysteries

"Ah, yes. Sorry about that, I hadn't realized I had been speaking out loud until I said your name. Admittedly, it's a bad habit." Timothy said, having to make conscious decision to speak softer. Maybe it was the odd day he was having, or maybe it was simply the fact he found the young woman at his side attractive, but he found himself with an odd urge to have an actual conversation. "It's a pleasure to meet you though and I would greatly appreciate your company to our new department." he said, with a light trace of warmth in his voice that matched the slight sparkle in his eyes.

Standing tall he offered her his arm, immediately his face flamed as he realized just how old fashioned he might appear but he kept it extended because at this point Timothy was invested. Admitted, he hoped she would accept if for no other reason but to keep him from looking a fool but he wouldn't mind if she objected because that would give him a clear understanding of acceptable actions toward her and he strongly wished to have her be a friendly face around the office. Maybe even someone he could bounce ideas off of.

"My humblest apologies if I come off as to forward, I have never been good at social interactions. Preferring books over people and studying over play." Timothy said, clearing his throat at the end.

Location: Ministry Level 8-Arson Scene | #0d4950 | Obliviator

Victory, oddly enough, felt ashamed of her attitude. All but the man in yellow,Alex, was her superior and they had a point. If there was an emergency she would be needed and how is she supposed to help if she was acting like a child? Nodding her head in apology she waited for the apparation. Though she worried about the strange happy girl being placed in charge.

Landing firmly in her feet Victory felt her eyes widen in horror of the destruction around her. This could have been her and her father's home, the neighborhood was oddly similar and caused her eyes to water with tears. Wiping them away quickly she focused on Ravana. A loud poping sound filled the air right after the short girl cursed then the shield spell was erected over them as gravel and metal bits rained down.

She didn't need to be told what to do, the screams of the muggles had notified her. Walking calmly over as Ravana talked to the men she got a huge amount of attention, all asking questions. Wanting to know if the fire had been caused bubs new type of bomb, how had Ravana deflected the debris, if everyone was OK.

After some thought Victory decided that using obliviate to remove any memory of magic and then using the false memory spell, so they believed that they saw actual bombs would be best. No time lapse that could sometimes cause muggles to recognize that something had happened, no worries about the lone person who got missed being able to store up those without memories, this way 90% will be on the same page and will believe that those few who may get mixed are insane or are making up stories do to teams. "Everyone, please look at me!" she called out getting them to all quite down as they listened to her, her father had once called her voice siren like. Making people want to listen to her as long as she was confident. Taking more then one person's memory at a time was difficult but Victory had been doing so for years as a muggle reporter, though only two or three at a time."Obliviate, Obliviate, Obliviate!" she cried out, pointing at different places in the crowed. When all had a misty confused look on their faces she started on the more complex spell. Filling the now blank space with a memory of either walking by and seeing the explosion or hearing it and running out. Sweat dripped down her face by the time she was done. The muggles walking home without a care, for all they knew the police had explained everything and that they no longer needed to worry.

It was about this time Victory noticed the faces coming closer, the wands held discreetly in their hands made worry crawl down her spin with a shiver. Fatigued she stumbled backed ward before twisting around and darting back into the arson site away from the angry faces of fellow witch and wizards. "They are not friendly!" she yelled at the others as a spell flashed to her side, it was just a stun spell but she still didn't wish to get hit. Twisting her ankle she fell to the ground at Ravana's feet looking up she saw a cocky smile on the girls lips and the long wand at the ready. Ravana's carefree attitude for once sense they're meeting called Victory.