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located in The Underworld - Entrance Lobby, a part of The Imagiverse, one of the many universes on RPG.

The Underworld - Entrance Lobby

The Entrance Lobby to the Underworld


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Character Portrait: Elyzia & Valfiel Character Portrait: John Skelecoot
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"Oh you don't take a train," said John, smiling. "You take an elevator."
He would turn on his heel and head to a pair of large, ornate elevator doors, the top of the frame decorated with an ancient language that reads "Hic in terram mortuum fuerit elevator". He would press a button next to the doors, which do what they were built to do.
"This elevator," announced John, "was built in a way that, no matter how many are actually in the elevator, it is always empty for whoever enters it. Good for supposing traffic."
The group enter the spacious confines of the mystic elevator. Instead of the usual panel containing the buttons to the floors, there is a large wheel with its edge facing the inside of the elevator, countless buttons on its circumference. John would spin the wheel by means of a pair of buttons, each in the shape of an arrow, facing up and the direction John was spinning the wheel currently. He would then press a key labelled "189".
The elevator begins to shudder, making, for no apparent reason, the sound of a locomotive.
John would hold on to a railing. "This tends to go rather fast, so I suggest you hold on!"
The sudden sensation as he says this would be similar to zero gravity, then rapidly reaching negative-one gravity. Grinding and screeching would fill the confines in a cacophony. Lights begin to flicker, the walls suddenly and briefly turning transparent, displaying strange landscapes, filled with red devils, green devils, satyrs, et al. There were the typical magmatic hellholes, and beautiful gardens, and then cities, towns, and then the walls returned from whatever dimension they were previously thrown in.
As they approached floor 189(0), the sounds of hissing steam, the clanging of machinery, and most notably, the occasional "yu fokin' wot? I'll bash ye head in, ya fokin' zounderkite!"