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located in Skeleville, a part of The Imagiverse, one of the many universes on RPG.


The home of the Skeletorians, undead who lived - and died - in the Victorian era


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Character Portrait: Elyzia & Valfiel Character Portrait: John Skelecoot
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As the elevator doors opened up, Valfiel was quick to leave the elevator. She was dizzy from the sudden ride, although if she was more prepared she would have enjoyed it rather than scream in complete surprise the whole way through. Elyzia however stepped of the elevator and gave her older sister a quick pat on the back. "You were pretty funny back there, but you made it through without passing out. Good on you sis." She spoke with a smile.

Valfiel gave a smile back at Elyzia. "So I was funny back there? Well I am glad I can make you smile. But I am also taking that as an insult!" She chuckled as she began to tickle Elyzia causing her to laugh uncontrollably. As John was greeting Henry, the two played around until they stopped after Elyzia tapped out so the tickling can stop.

As the two dusted themselves off, Henry turned to them and welcomed them to Skeleville. "Thank you for greeting us Henry, I am Elyzia. It is my pleasure to meet you." Elyzia gave a small bow. Valfiel smiled and waved at him. "Hello Henry, my names Valfiel! Nice to meet you!" She greeted.