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located in London 1962, a part of Ministry of Magic, one of the many universes on RPG.

London 1962



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Location: Ministry Level 8- Burning remains of a house | #daa520 | Aurors Office

Sensing the matter was quite serious from the look of Nott's face Alex turned to a more somber expression and he brought out the wand from his robe pocket. His knuckles cracked as he stood a steady hold over the Alder wood. Ravana, and Victory both seemed ready and so Alex reached in and touched his hand to the wrist of Nott.

The folded into darkness and span for a few moments until coming to an abrupt halt in the middle of what was once a beautiful house. Alex quietly casted a cooling charm around their feet so they might not be burned. As he was doing so a small bit of rubble crumbled away and felt for them. Ravana dispatched that threat easily with a shielding spell. Victory went off after that to dispatch of the curious muggles and to ensure there would be no strange talk over the muggle news. Alex deciding he would be most useful helping Ravana bent down and cast.
"Glacius" He murmured the words and saw the bolt of ice magic leave his wand and take possession of another nest of eggs. The glow of the fire soothed as more and more eggs were bagged. Alex and Ravana had a rather healthy helping of eggs. As they stood Alex noticed a small brunt frame on the ground. Brushing away the ash and flipping over the frame he found he was looking into the eyes of a much younger Leach, and presumably his parents. Fire had burned away the magic in the painting and so the figures looked up at him lifeless.

He picked up the small frame and glanced up to see Ravana mentioning that they would likely get an angry mob. Alex put the frame in his pocket and moved forward in time to see Victory start her run back towards them. His eyes widened at the small group that seemed to be advancing on them. Everything in his body tightened and he could feel his muscles coiling in anticipation of a fight. It was an all to familiar feeling and Alex found he was grinning.

"They are not friendly!" Victory shouted as the wizards cast a few spells towards their direction. Victory landed near Ravana and Alex chuckled a little as a stray spell sparked towards him. With a small flick of his wand the spell was sent backwards, its power seeming to have doubled. There was a cry of surprise from the crowd.
"Ravana, get Victory to Nott. We need to get out of here." Alex braced himself for the next volley of spells that rained down them and with a quick jerk of his wand he shouted. "Ventus Autem" In a matter of seconds the weather in the small area had completely changed.

The magical wind swished and swirled very strongly in the direction of their attackers. The wind caught the spells and sent them spiraling down well away from any of its intended targets. Alex took a step back towards the group and then deciding he'd face them again another day he jogged over to the group. "Hell of a first day." He grinned at the group. "Lets get back before the wind dies. I think we have everything we need from here." He looked over to Nott expectantly and readied himself for apparition.