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Dialogue - #7E64A1 || Ministry Of Magic Level 8

Giggling softly as Timothy apologised, Ophelia simply gave him a sweet understanding smile before looking down to where he offered her his arm. Despite the gesture being rather old-fashioned, Ophelia realised the well meaning behind it and so tentatively took his arm. Her dainty little arm interlocking with Timothy's. Glancing down at their arms, Ophelia blushes ever so softly that it's almost unnoticeable before making it look as though she was simply checking her manicure she had done the previous night - shiny jet black - and regaining her composure.

Taking the lead, as she so often did, Ophelia guides them out of the room where they had received the Minister's speech and out into the hallway. Glancing in both directions, Ophelia looks up at Timothy - despite wearing slight kitten heels, she was still visibly smaller than the gentleman next to her - rather sheepishly saying, "I'll be honest, I'm not entirely sure where we're headed." Biting her bottom lip, Ophelia inwardly curses the fact that she hadn't spent a few minutes to get acquainted with the large building before the meeting. She had gotten there with plenty enough time to do so.

While she waits to see if Timothy had more of an idea, Ophelia hazards a guess at his age. He was certainly older than she, just his wise yet slightly mysterious demeanour was clear enough for her to know that. How much older? Ophelia couldn't say. His looks were certainly still youthful, and he was rather attractive, but Ophelia could also see faint laughter and frown lines that blemished his otherwise clear face and made her reckon he was in his 30s.

Thinking back to the room they had just exited, with it's large group of new employees, Ophelia only now realises that she may have been one of the youngest. There was a girl she didn't speak to who looked like she was only a few years older, but most seemed far more experienced than her and suddenly, Ophelia felt out of her depth.

Was she good enough to be here? Ophelia felt slightly inferior as she thinks of her coworkers. Surely she could do a job just as well. Ophelia hoped that was true, she didn't want to let anyone down, not when the Ministry was already in such a crisis with little staff members. She couldn't afford to mess up. Ophelia had wanted this job since she left Hogwarts and wasn't about to just think herself into failure. She could do this! She had to. Her family were so proud of her and she didn't wanna see the failingly hidden disappointment on their faces if she tells them she lost her job. Heck, it was only her first day. Surely Ophelia was overthinking this. She'd be fine, and besides, now she knew Timothy she felt comfortable enough to ask him for some help should she need it.