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located in London 1962, a part of Ministry of Magic, one of the many universes on RPG.

London 1962



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Character Portrait: Ravana O. Grimm Character Portrait: Alex Gallagher Character Portrait: Victory M. James Character Portrait: Michael Nott
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Michael Nott
Location:Arson Crime Scene - Ministry Level 8 l #067330l Aurors Office

Michael scanned the crime scene when they appeared, as far as he could tell the place hadn't changed too much since his departure... an explosion from behind him with Ravana's all too recognizable voice rang out. While he was glad that his back had been covered, the evaluation of the crime scene changed greatly as he turned around and saw the fire had somehow spread in the direction of other houses. Ravana's orders were simple enough to...he just couldn't tell the difference between an ember and an egg. Michael thus adopted the strategy of 'freeze anything that glows' as he flipped his wand from its brace on his left hand and slowly made his way round the site.

While he couldn't make out the words, Michael was able to recognize the caution in Ravana's tone and the unmistakable sound of fear in the other woman- Victory's voice. Sixteen years of Auror experience set Michael on guard and reflex tossed his cane aside and subsequently hearing it splinter from contact with a spell as his now free right hand responded with a curse in the same direction. As he turned towards the action, there was nothing to be seen anymore - his attacker must have fled. "Accio," the muttered spell promptly returned the head of his cane to his hand as Michael heard the sounds of other spells being shot behind him - however nothing distinct stood Unforgivables had been cast yet.

" If one was this smart, only a matter of time before others try to flank too," The Auror concluded aloud before waving his wand at the ash; clumps of ash turned to blades and with a wave of his wand Michael launched them in a wide arch towards the noise. This action was repeated a couple times in a 'step.cast.step.launch' rhythm. However, Michael was only able to do the repetition twice before Alex conjured magical wind towards the attackers and deflected a volley of spells. That being said it was still enough to slip on the ash and ungraciously fall to a knee.

" Protego totalum," in a lazy fashion Michael formed his own dome of protection over the group as they closed on his location. The extra defense, and covering of their rear allowed him to take to his feet in an unhurried manner.

"Never a dull day," given he'd fallen on it so freshly Michael kept his weight near its entirety off his right leg. The familiar can hand was still clutched in its customary right hand as he leaned onto the conveniently closed Alex before he pieced together that he was expected to perform the Apparation back to the Ministry. His rather strained nerves left Michael scowling as he reached for Ravana and the prone Victory. However he still made no attempt to Apparate until both had a secure grip as he inwardly complained about getting too old for such things.