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Snippet #2692613

located in London 1962, a part of Ministry of Magic, one of the many universes on RPG.

London 1962



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Character Portrait: Ravana O. Grimm Character Portrait: Timothy P. Silver Character Portrait: Alex Gallagher Character Portrait: Ophelia Katō Character Portrait: Victory M. James Character Portrait: Michael Nott
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Location: Arson Scene | #75249a | Beast Division

Ravana allowed her eyes to follow Michael and Alex's movements especially after Victory landed in a tumble at her feet. "Do get up, its unsightly for one of the Ministry to be sprawled so... Uncaringly." Ravana laughed with a wide smile, this incident hadn't seemed to ruffle the overly happy girls feathers one bit. "For an Obliviator, you are quite fearful." She mentioned absent mindedly as the men created blades of ash and the other a storm to allow the small group their leave.

When Victory, finally stumbled to her feet she latched an arm through Ravana's right arm which was still holding her wand at the ready. Looking up at Michael the young dark haired girl smiled broadly up at him. "Ready, love?" she asked cheerfully. As she worked her way under his right arm, her left securing its self around his waist, the slight tremor in her body would most likely be missed by Victory do to the woman's own trembling but Ravana knew he would not miss that she wasnt as unaffected as she pretended. Her arm gripped him tightly and she shivered slightly, those men and woman had once been her friends. All around she could still hear cursing and even attempted spells which would leave a bright spark flashing through the storm or, if one was lucky, knock itself against the impressive shield that Michael had erected.

"So Michael, dear, how many eggs did you freeze and bag or were you just freezing anything that glowed?" she bantered on as if they were not in the middle of trying to escape a mob of angry witches and wizards. It was Ravana's defense mechanism, tease, banter, act happy, break down when no one is around. It was truthfully more of a motto, one that allowed her to keep herself appearing to be a happy and friendly face when really she just wanted to go back to bed and not leave it for a week or more.

Location: Ministry Level 8-Level 9 Department of Mysteries |#003200 | Department of Mysteries

Smiling softly back down on the girl, Ophelia, Thomas gently took the lead for her. "I memorized the map of the building, I was here very early and sense recruitment I have visited once a week leading up to today so I knew I wouldn't get lost." he semi mumbled to keep her normally loud voice low and not as attention drawing, So I know that he need to go one level down to get to our department. What area of mysteries were you assigned? I'm space." he supplied while leading them toward a stairway that he was almost a full 90% sure would lead them down toward Level 9.

Thomas, if he was being truthful with himself, was rather attracted to the girl he placed in her early to mid twenties and he suddenly felt himself feel old and out of his element. He liked that she was intelligent enough to be in the Department of Mysteries, he liked that she didn't have a problem admitting that she had no idea where to go , and he especially liked that she liked to lead. Clearing his throat absent mindedly he ran a hand through his hair. What does one say to a new acquaintance.? Pleasantries... Right? "So, I'm not good at pleasantries but sense we will be working together and I would enjoy getting to know you would you mind if I tried to fumble through them?" he asked. Timothy wasn't entirely sure if you were supposed to ask to exchange pleasantries but hopefully Ophelia wouldn't mind that he was making himself out to be a bumbling fool.

It was about this time as he had lead them down the staircase that he realized that even though it had felt as if he had been walking down them for awhile that they hadn't been, turning his head he saw they were only three or four down. Sighing as he blushed he looked at the sweet girl who had trusted him to lead, "I may have attempted to lead us down a stair way we don't have access to use, there appears to be a never-ending charm on it. No matter how much we walk down we will never get past this step." he chocked out, his face and voice filled with embarrassment. Could he make himself look anymore dimwitted?

Location: Arson Scene | #0d4950| Obliviator

Victory was in shock, she knew it when Ravana mentioned getting to her feet and it took her a couple of tries to succeed. She also knew it when she clamped on to the younger girl and couldn't stop her shaking. Her vision was getting foggy and she knew that she needed to sit down and take deep breaths. Maybe this wasnt the job for her, she obviously couldn't handle it. Oh how she had felt in her element not to long ago, she may have exceled at Defense Against the Dark Arts in school but the idea of having to even attempt it against someone meaning her harm made her stomach queasy. Yes, she needed to seat down. Soon.

As Ravana seemed fine, teasing Michael and making no comment on the attack Victory could only think that she was fine. Dandy even, that made a frown appear on Victory's face. Turning to Alex she tired to smile. "Some first day, right?" she laughed shakily, she had not been what she had been expecting. A quick meeting, yes, a tour of the building on her department, defiantly, easing her way on lighter cases? Of course but an arson case that turned into a full blown attack by angry witches and wizards she can only believe are angry with the new Minister? NO, no and NO again.