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Michael Nott
Location:Arson Crime Scene - Ministry Level 8 l #067330l Aurors Office

Michael smiled wryly as Ravana took to his waist after she stood, experience resulting in a softening of his expression as he gave to woman just a soft squeeze for comfort. In a different situation, he'd have even engaged in banter since it was how Ravana calmed herself down from such nasty spell flinging encounters. However, at the moment he was stretching the extent to which his tired mind could take in just maintaining his shield while preparing their exit. Just as he got the necessary magics ready Ravana again opened her mouth just before the group vanished with a loud pop - something Michael would normally frown upon.

As they reappeared on the Ministry 8th floor, Michael took his weight off Alex to stand on his own. "Quite naturally I froze everything that glowed sweetheart. Alex, unfortunately I'll have to trouble you with running to the office to tell them what's happening at the moment and I'll catch up." Michael reflexively answered to Ravana's pace before returning to a slightly more business tone and tossed the handle of his cane. "For evidence and also dropping off at my desk afterwards... take the Obliviator too if you need company." Compared to normal, Michael's voice was actually gentle in tone for the first time today...nor did it have the excited undertone during the spell flinging.

"Victory, trust me - you'll want to go with Alex it'll help. For what's it's worth, you two rooks are doing great. As for that sick feeling - the day you don't feel it is the day you worry. I'll be seeing you both soon enough - my office, Alex prepare the tea; I've got everything already there on the desk." Having spent what attention he was currently willing to spare on the rookies, Michael turned off to separate lift to handle Ravana one-on-one during the ride to the 4th Level and even a bit after if necessary. When the lift doors closed, Michael heaved a sigh of relief since he didn't have to do anything to prevent eves dropping as he signaled for a slower that usual ride.

"Alright, you can let it all out now -weakness is the luxury of the juniors after all."If someone from before were able to see the situation, they'd notice Michael was standing fine without the cane.