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| Dialogue - #7E64A1 || Ministry Of Magic Level 8 - Department Of Mysteries Level 9 |

"What a clever idea." Ophelia mutters, more to herself than Timothy as he tells her about his visits to the ministry, pre recruitment. Inwardly kicking herself for not thinking to do the same, Ophelia allows Timothy to take the lead - which is something she rarely did - and letting herself be guided.

When Timothy asks Ophelia where she was assigned within the department she grimaces slightly before saying, "Love," Ophelia reckoned it was a sick joke on the Minister's part. After just having her engagement broken, she finally gets a job somewhere she's wanted to work for years and they assign her to love! The one thing she feels like she's given up on entirely. "I can answer that mystery right now - it doesn't exist." the hopeless romantic turned cynic sighs, before realising she'd soured the mood and turning the conversation onto a lighter topic, "I'd love to be studying space, I worked as an astronomer before here too, with my mother."

Smiling softly as Timothy chats rather awkwardly, Ophelia nods, "Ah, small talk has never really been my thing," Ophelia admits, glad to have met someone else equally as bad at it, "But I suppose I can make an exception." She adds. Wait, was she flirting? Ophelia frowns, questioning herself. No, definitely not. That was definitely something Ophelia was never interested in doing again. Never ever. Of course, she'd have to be blind to not find Timothy attractive, but he was her coworker - and she was not interested in pursuing anything romantic ever again. Despite knowing that was probably untrue, Ophelia still vehemently denied ever wanting another relationship again.

As the pair began to descend a staircase, Ophelia noticed they weren't actually going anywhere. As Timothy catches onto it too, he quickly explains what must've happened. Laughing her soft, airy laugh, Ophelia simply shrugs. "Hey, at least now I don't feel so bad about not knowing my way around," with her arm still interlocked with his, Ophelia once again takes the lead and brings them back up from the step they were stood on. Looking around, she notices a lift not too far away and heads over to that. "Perhaps this would be easier," Ophelia looking up at Timothy who was still red with embarrassment.

Stepping into the lift and pulling Timothy along with her, she stretches to grab a handle that hung overhead. Cursing herself for being so short and therefore having to go to so much effort just to hold on. She much preferred magical lifts to muggle lifts, despite their tendency to be rather rattly and extremely fast. Which could easily nauseate some. As the lift sets off, Ophelia tries to reassure the gentleman next to her, noticing his cheeks being still rather pink. "It's always fun to go on a little detour," She says, "At least now we know not to go down that staircase and, I do believe my calfs got a good work out just then." The pair had been walking down the steps for a little while and despite getting nowhere, Ophelia could feel the work they' d done in her legs.

As the lift sets off, down to the ninth floor, Ophelia attempts to try out some of those pleasantries Timothy had mentioned earlier. "As you know what I did before coming here, I feel it's only fair I ask you about where you worked." Ophelia smiles, waiting for Timothy's response.