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Snippet #2692745

located in London 1962, a part of Ministry of Magic, one of the many universes on RPG.

London 1962



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Character Portrait: Ravana O. Grimm Character Portrait: Timothy P. Silver Character Portrait: Gwen Andrews Character Portrait: Alex Gallagher Character Portrait: Ophelia Katō Character Portrait: Victory M. James Character Portrait: Michael Nott
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Location: Burning remains of a house-Level 8 Ministry | #daa520 | Aurors Office

Nott shifted closer to Alex as the group gathered around one another. In the distance Alex could hear angry shouts from the wizards they were escaping. He felt a little cowardly for not standing up to the group but Alex was smart enough to no take stupid chances like a one on fifteen. He felt the older man lean against him and adjusted his stance in order to support the man better. Retire already old man... Auror business might be out of your league now. He thought quietly to himself.

He turned his attention to Victory and saw how shaky she seemed, yet she managed a smile. "Some first day, right?" She said, making him chuckle. He reached out with his free hand and set his hand on her shoulder just as they disappeared from the ruins of the house. When the reappeared in the welcoming cool tones of the Ministry Alex left his hand on Victory's shoulder for a moment. Nott moved away from him and was speaking to Ravana as she has some snappy thing to say to him again. He gave Victory's shoulder a small reassuring squeeze before letting go.

Nott had turned his attention back to Alex and was instructing him to return to the office and inform the others what had happened as well as start making tea. He was told to bring Victory with him and Alex nodded.
"See you soon." He said to Nott and then turned his attention to Ravana, "Was a pleasure working with you and meeting you. See you around." He then turned away from the group. He naturally assumed Victory would follow him. He glanced over at her and tucked his hands into his pockets. "Are you doing alright? You took a bit of a tumble there."

He led them over to the lifts on the far wall and pressed the up button. The Auror's office was up on level two. Alex was excited to see where he would be working. "If I remember correctly your office is one level below mine." He told her, deciding to say the random thought that had come to his mind.

[font=georgia][size=85]Location: Home - Ministry Level 8 | #7ed4af | Assistant to the Minister for Magic

Having found the new recruit for the accidental magic squad Gwen led the rookie up to the first floor where she let herself and the man into the ministers office. She closed the door quietly behind her and turned to the minister who was sitting at his desk looking rather exhausted. She thought that rather strange as it was only nearly eleven in the morning. She decided not to mention it and instead took the opportunity to introduce herself and the man.
"Minister, if you would pardon the interruption, here is the man you requested. As I'm sure you already know I'm Gwen Andrews. It is a pleasure to work for you." She offered him a smile and the Minister returned it.
"Excellent." The minister leaned forward in his chair and pushed a sheet of paper towards the two. "We've got a slight issue on our hands here. A couple of kids were messing around in Knockturn Alley this morning and got into a bit of a squabble at Borgin and Burks. Some magic rebounded off this mirror here." Leach gestured to a large standing mirror behind him.

Gwen could see her reflection in the glass but something about it seemed off. Her features were smoother, more streamlined. Her reflection was grinning while she was not. Finding it rather off putting she looked away just as her reflection began to wink. "The kids are acting quite strange. We've sent them to Mungo's for attention but the staff have requested someone from the Ministry as well. If you wouldn't mind heading over there now sir. Leach waited for the man to nod and then he vanished with a small pop.

"What do you mean by strange sir?" Gwen asked curiously.
"As far as the staff can tell, the children have become amplified versions of themselves. One was rather shy I guess and is now unable to make eye contact with even the smallest creature. If he does its a rather large melt down I hear." He sighed and tapped his wand on a small purple tea cup which filled with warm tea. As he did so a mountain of paper airplanes flew through his office window and landed on a messy pile in front of him. One airplane even took a dip in his tea. Sighing Leach lifted his hand to gesture to the mirror. "If you could take this mirror to the department of Mysteries and have them give you a full explanation on the mirror and what it does. It may be useful for those at Mungo's. Also have them put it away for safekeeping."

"Right away sir." Gwen nodded and she moved her wand out of her pocket to conjure a sheet over the mirror. Then she levitated it a few inched off the ground and began to push it out of the office. She took the mirror to the lift and pressed for down. As she was waiting she could have sworn she heard giggling from the mirror. Deciding to ignore it she pushed the offending object into the lift. Her stomach felt like it was in her throat as the lift dropped nine levels. When the ride was over she pushed the mirror out and spotted two others getting out of another lift.
"Excuse me!" She called to them. "Are you with the Department of Mysteries? I've got an object here I need you to examine if you are." She pushed the mirror towards them.