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located in Ursa Major, a part of The Bear's Loft, one of the many universes on RPG.

Ursa Major



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Ezra LeFalle

❝I will fight for those who cannot ❞
ɗιαƖσgυє cσƖσя:#BF4000 ♙ тнσυgнт cσƖσя Brown

It really was just like any other day spent outside. The flowers were in full bloom and there was just the smallest trace of the moon. Fire rampaged through the village, consuming everything in its path. Just like the two Talpas that were also running amok. . . . On second thought maybe it wasn’t just another outing. The screams of hysteria were clearly originating from this once peaceful town, along with the bellows from the Talpas that caused the frenzied movements and screeching. Men, women and children alike ran about, trying their best to avoid the monstrous beings as well as save their homes from the burning fires. Upon closer inspection there was but a single head that wasn’t screaming itself off to who knows where. That one particular head belonged to a young man by the name of Ezra LeFalle. A fellow Bellatore who saw nothing but people who needed saving and so he went about rescuing people from the destruction the Talpas were currently making.

One act of heroism nearly resulted in the poor lad in losing his other eye to the Ichneumon. The damn thing lost a potential meal but it’s attention was taken by another screaming fellow, who just so happened to be a lot more plump than the woman Ezra had saved. The young man didn’t really know where to start. He really didn’t. While he was able to save one person from the jaws of a Talpas, another succumbed to the fire that the other threw out from it’s snake tail and the people really weren’t helping. He’d go to help a group only for them to run off screaming again and into the muscled arms of a Talpa. They just don’t know how to sit still do they? Don’t get me wrong, Erza loves to save people's lives, it’s what makes him, well him. But when the very people you’re trying to save keep getting themselves . . . unsaved, well even for Ezra that can make a person tired. Pausing just long enough to survey the ongoing damage, the redhead saw a child screaming at what was presumed to be her home. The very image made the self-proclaimed knight cringe, for the child's mother was trapped inside the flaming house. He knew that if he were to go save the woman, he’d no doubt damage his lungs even more but he really didn’t care at the moment. Someone needed his help, and while they weren’t calling for it, he felt obligated to go.

He rushed off towards the girl, just barely dodging the stream of flames the chimera decided to throw his way. “Please keep it to yourself!” Ezra knew yelling at the silver creature would do nothing but it certainly made him feel a little better. Upon reaching the girl, Ezra pulled out Schwarze Ritter, the baby daddy of the two swords he carried. The situation definitely called for the big guy but it seemed the sight of such a large sword scared the small girl. He ignored her however and swung Schwarze Ritter with all his might at the barricaded door. The blasted thing caved in from the sheer weight of the blow. With a second swing of his sword, the barricade finally gave in, revealing a mother who just moments ago believed she was done for. Seeing Ezra stand there with his sword hoisted over his shoulder, along with the flames at his back, truly made Ezra seem like the gallant knight he aimed to be. The mother called out to her daughter, embracing her when the two met. She turned around to thank the mysterious young man but he had already run off to save someone else.

It definitely seemed to have taken eons but the two Talpas’s rampage finally came to an end. A very much needed end when you think about it. Ezra plopped down on the ground, holding Blasse Dame close to his chest. Over the course of the event he had switched to the sleek and prettier sword to fend of attacks from the Talpas. The poor knight was covered in bruises, scrapes, cuts, not to mention all the sweat that had accumulated during the whole ordeal. Wiping his brother with his already drenched handkerchief, yes knights do carry them, Ezra surveyed the scene before him. Many of the fires had already either been put out by Bellatores or had consumed everything in sight and died off on their own. The fire left nothing but skeletons and charred remains of what had once been a bustling city. With a heavy sigh, he stood back up to, once again, help the people now that he had gotten himself patched up.

For the most part Ezra just walked around, asking if his help was needed, and for the remaining part he just joined in without being asked to. The Bellatores were thankful for the help and some of them recognized him as the crazy fool who defied the Talpas when they tried to get a meal. Some patted him on the back while others just called him crazy. Ezra couldn’t really argue about the crazy part as he too wondered if he was crazy sometimes. He mostly helped out with the hard labour, leaving his heavy belted armour in the hands of the mother and child he had saved earlier. His trust in them may have been a little misguided but he had some faith that they wouldn’t just run off with their saviours things and sell it. In truth, Ezra didn’t care if he lost the armour. As long as he had his two blades he was perfectly fine although losing his armour would still make his heart ache. His beloved teacher had made them just for him after all.

In thinking this, Ezra’s mind wandered off to the past but the sound of a horse's hooves hitting the scorched cobble stones caught his attention. Of all the things he was expecting, a horse and subsequent entourage wasn’t one of them. With a curious quirk of his brow, Ezra, like the rest of the villagers, gathered at the center of the city. Ezra had never encountered such a well dressed man before and he most certainly never a prophetess, at least that’s what some of the others were saying. In all his travels, Ezra had only ever met fellow Bellatores. He wasn’t sure if he was lucky or if he just didn’t have the sense to meet the other species in Nominum. He listened while the mysterious fancy man spoke, saying something about rebuilding and burials. None of that really caught his attention surprisingly. They were things that he knew were going to happen regardless of whether the fancy guy preached about it. The cries from the other Bellatores did however catch his attention. Now listening with the intent to actually digest the words being spoken, Ezra’s face seemed to light up at the mention of The Book. The very idea of going off an adventure to get it made him pretty excited about it. Even with money involved, Ezra didn’t care. As long as he could help out the people, in this case the entire population of Nominum, he was perfectly fine. When he thought more on this, he knew that going on his own probably won’t help much which would explain why the fancy man was using money as an incentive.

“In that case, spread the word! Tell everyone who is able that the greatest reward goes to the one who brings back that book!”

This last cry got the crowd all excited. It even got Ezra excited as his own voice joined the chorus of “Ayes”. Laughing to himself, Ezra went to check on his things. It’d definitely be a pain if he lost his armor but he would definitely be heartbroken if his beloved blades were stolen. He smiled and thanked the mother and girl, gathering up the armor and the blades. With his swords on his back and armor in his arms, he didn’t feel like putting it on yet, Ezra approached the fancy man and the three that accompanied him. “I hear you guys need a he-someone?” Making sure not to say hero. For some reason people hated that word. Well the people he came across anway. He smiled at the group, a bit unsure on what to do now that he showed his interest in this mission.