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Season of Giving 2020

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Merry Christmas from RPG! 🎅

Snippet #2692998

located in Remington Academt, a part of Magic is Might II, one of the many universes on RPG.

Remington Academt



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Collin had managed to successfully retrieve Vinny from Koda, whom seemed to have not bothered with responding to him. Collin had to admit he felt a little relieved and he tucked the small creature into his breast pocket. He leaned back as Vinny adjusted himself and looked up suddenly as Yona was in front of him demanding to know why he had not woken her. His eyes widened a little in shock at her obvious distress. He hadn't even thought to tell her, he felt a rush of guilt and reddened in embarrassment.
"I'm so sorry... Yona... he is-" He was cut off by Prof. Kang entering the classroom and he lifted his hand in farewell as Yona rushed off to her seat.

He wished he could somehow relay a message to her that his father was alright but instead he leaned back into his seat and listened with half an ear as Kang handed out test results and declared the highest scores. His paper landed in front of him and he barely glanced at the Average score. Kang then invited everyone to partner up in group of three. Wishing that group projects could be banned from schools Collin prepared himself for the worst.

He noticed Koda and Mac partner up and was pleasantly surprised when Mac offered for him to join them. He nodded gratefully and shifted his seat closer to them. Mac was already pouring the tea and he reached for dainty little china cup and took a small sip. He tried to act natural despite was scalding liquid burning the roof of his mouth.
He coughed a little before he spoke "Uh Thanks..." He looked over at Koda and then back to Mac. He wondered what it took to make someone so cheerful. Kang suggested that they take out their textbooks to help translate the leaves and he did just that. The large dust book acted as his cup rest as he waited for the warm liquid to cool a little.

"I guess the nice thing about divination is the tea." Collin said softly. He did his best to make conversation. FInally the tea cooled enough for him to chug it down quickly. He swirled the final sip and then passed his cup to Koda who was on his left. Then opening his book to a helpful page he waited to get Mac's cup.

Eve received her rather poor grade for her paper and quickly hid it. Despite her best efforts she could not seem to master the class. she waited patiently for Kang to explain to the class what they were doing. She straightened a little when she was told they would be separating into groups and was delighted. She loved any chance she could get to chat with her fellow classmates.

She waited a few moments while people partnered up and realized that perhaps she had waited to long. Even Koda and Collin had found groups while she was alone. Deciding that was no good she stood and looked around. She noticed Ophelia and decided that was where she wanted to be.
"Hello!" she said brightly, moving a seat closer to them and when Ophelia said they could be a group of four she sat and took out her book. She noticed Fee wincing as the teapot was rather hot and when the cups were poured she reached over and touched the girls hand. "Are you alright?" She asked. "I could go get a cool cloth if you need?"