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located in The Gaelian System, a part of The Multiverse, one of the many universes on RPG.

The Gaelian System

The Gaelian System is one of four systems and makes up the center of several allied systems. The central planets are heavily populated and their cities the pinnacle of technological advancements.


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The Individual merely smiled, not hiding his pleased glance to the disciple to his side. "I would think that is only part of the scheme. I have no doubt our council-" He said, stressing the word. "Will be stiff necked about it, but inevitably, I have the final decision over this particular matter. No doubt my government, and perhaps it's public, will be... Put it lightly, wary." He laced his fingers toghther, bringing his eyes to the table before him in thought, and then to Inviere. "Two people who always suspect one another as up to no good, whom overwhelm themselves with caution and suspicion, begin to blame one another for things that simply, don't happen. Left standing long enough, our people can come to blame one another for tragedies, some that ill thought men and woman might even become responsible for."

Then, he brought two of his fingers up like a scissor, and snipped them once. "So let's nip that problem in the bud, shall we? The face of the Aschen to the Congruent is a boogeyman empire with roaming fleets ready to swat anything not them out of the sky. The face of the Aklar's to you is an unknown people, unknown technology, unknown territory, unknown /everything/. At the moment, if you will follow me along, we are both capable of everything, and nothing, atleast to the minds of those none the wiser. Exchange a few individual's, however..."

He opened his hands, letting his robe drape over the sides of the chair. "And both our people's become a whole lot more relatable with a face to put with a name. No, neither side is going to trust these individuals, but atleast they'll be more comfortable with the other once they have a grasp of just who the other exactly is."

Then, he leaned back, running his tounge over his own teeth. "Learning will be a part of it, yes, but acting as a sort of... Public relations, as a face for one another, that's the whole of it."


The Judicator smiled at his Aide's portrayal, running a hand across his forehead as he finished his little spiell. His eyes then glanced to the side, stretching an arm out to summon over a holo-panel. It was already scrolling various names of candidates for this exchange... Political figures, their sons and daughters... All people whom had agendas... He scowled, banishing the holo-panel with a wave of his hand. He wouldn't allow politics to get in the way of his people's affairs... No doubt anyone in any family he sent would seek to plunder from this... He couldn't send a civilian, it was to easy for them to give off the wrong impression, even with vetting and checks...

Then his eyes rolled onto the screen for a moment, and he brought forth the panel again with a wave of his hand, searching a name...

Larion Lithen, the Outcast. He'd originally had him brought in to serve as eyes on this very meeting... Yet he was nearly perfect. Politically exempt from all families, even his own family, the Lithen's did not take kindly to one of their own blood going rouge. Even if he tried to sway foreign policy in the benefit of the Lithen's, what could he accomplish without their support? He scanned his profile further, taking in details. In truth, he had done this already when deciding to snatch the man up for his original purpose, but another look never harmed a man...

Already well traveled, enough to understand the peculiarities of other races, already understood a multitude of other languages... And though it wasn't really a factor in his decision, he was standing right outside the conference room. A bonus!

The Lithen's employment would be a little longer than expected...


"With that in mind... I have just the man in the palm of my hand! In fact, he just so happens to be one of the gentlemen outside in a suit of armor. A good enough man, if you can get over his gruffness. Perhaps we might send him in for a quick introduction?"

Of course, Larion, whom had been standing outside with the other two honor guards, was not Privy to what the Judicator had said, but was certainly aware of what the Individual had said. He immediatly turned away from his fellows, bringing up his comms to both the man, and the Judicator. "What the fuck are you talking about? I'm no-"

"Mr. Lithen, I hope you understand the situation we are in right now. At the current time, you are my best choice for this m-" Came that annoyingly sincere voice, but Larion wouldn't have any of it.

"No, no no, no! We had a deal, I come around and snoop on this conversation for you, and I get a visit! You're sending me away here!"

"Understand, Mr. Lithen," Came the voice again, quite more stern than before. "If I had another idea in place, I would use it. At this time, however, this is what I wish, and I expect it to be carried out. You know very well why you should..." A thinly veiled threat if anything. Larion found himself press ganged into the matter, and turned towards the conference building. Oh please, oh please reject the deal, he thought, but figured it hopeless.