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Snippet #2693703

located in Nerine Falls, a part of Elemental Battles: Rage Ch. II: Fire, one of the many universes on RPG.

Nerine Falls

A vision of paradise.


Characters Present

Character Portrait: Zrani Dukhn "Duke" Character Portrait: Kroviye Fehzovalt
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After again falling into another muddy pool of marsh water Kroviye´s mood was completely spoiled and since it was Duke´s fault they were in a marsh without any sort of clue as to where the next village was, he decided to cheer himself up by picking on his friend´s uncanny ability to get them lost "Have I tell you today how enjoyable it is for me to follow you into this shortcuts only to end up drench from paw to tail or even better covered in leeches" as if on cue he felt a small prick on his left hind paw, "sorry buddy I´m the only one drinking blood today" ripping the leech with his fang and swallowing it whole, allowing some warm into his body through the small creature´s blood "Hey maybe this isn’t´t so bad, after all you didn´t guide us into a highway wolves infested cave like last time" sensing the slight change in the other wolf demeanor Kroviye let out a thundering laugh "Oh Duke, Dukerion, little Dunkey ahahahaha don´t be mad it wasn´t so bad remember, as for bandits go they were weirdly welcoming and if it wasn´t for the whole tying us and taking all our food the whole event would have been lovely, besides we got to try your new Kusarigama and I got a new scar to add to the collection so fun for everyone".

It was like a change in the air whenever his friend´s mood changed you could feel it in the plants growing from his body and in the air flowing through his wings, Duke was getting angry and to Kroviye this was the best as it meant that soon their blades would be clashing and Duke´s methodical and calculated fighting style would disappear and Kroviye would enjoy something resembling a challenge, nothing better to lift his spirits; He just needed to make one more little push...

Zrani "Duke"

Zrani felt really good this mourning they were having great luck with the road and it wouldn´t be long until they stumbled upon some village, taking into account that the Arlyne weren´t aggressive towards other wolves, "especially if you come into their villages with a mind to aid or at least without your weapons drawn and screaming to them to deliver all their liqueur" he though while giving a sideways glance to his traveling companion and just by chance he got the distinct smell of a marsh, probably filled with many different plants and maybe even some weird fruits and since they were running low on supplies he decided it, spread his wings and with a little groan he lifted himself from the ground and flew upwards to try and get a better view. It was an awesome looking wetland filled with small patches of woods, grottos and in the distance he could see something similar to a village "Yeah it´s decided we are going there, ROVY... look to the west there is a village there through the marshes is not far my friend I´m going to go check the marshes for a while let´s meet under that big Willow tree okay" He said while circling above his buddy.

After meeting up and going deeper into the marshes without any sign of a village in the proximity the mood of the two wolves was completely opposite...

It was official Rovy was bored and probably a little angry with Zrani but then again Rovy was always bored it baffled Zrani with how much easy his friend ignored the awesome places they explored, there was no way to make him see the beauty of the marsh the colors the life so vibrant it soothed Zrani and made him want to take out his material and draw it was so "...Hey maybe this isn´t so bad, after all you didn´t guide us into a highway wolves infested cave like last time". The half-breed Aven-Avira tried to ignore his friend but that last excursion into what he thought was a nice warm cave in the outskirts of the Arlyne territory had turned out to be just one more opportunity to show that he wasn´t as good as fighting as his friend and another time in which his life had being saved by Rovy "He had to bring that again didn´t he, this time wasn´t so bad they probably weren´t that far from a village, probably" he though this while his friend laughed and then that annoying mutt continued to mock Zrani even making him relieve his failed combat against the Dimitrios highway wolves, all this while wearing a full fanged grin on his blood stain snout. Zrani cared a lot for Kroviye but in moments like this his anger and pride made him want to throttle the half-breed and even more when he started poking him with the bristles on his tail making him feel fussy "Kroviye stop it, there must be some village nearby and I´m sure we will find something to entertain you there" he said it while growling and clenching his teeth and them the annoying wolf decided to poke him in one of his wings "KROVIYE!" He barked at him only to be dodged with practiced ease and that was how the surrounding peaceful, filled with vibrant life marshes became a sparring ground for the two half-breeds, again.